Influenza cements primary care decline and reduces

Thursday’s flu outbreak solidifies losses Accumulate another consecutive decline Cases diagnosed in primary care are starting to be transferred to hospitals for the first time Breaking the uptrend of recent weeks Because income has decreased.

The latest announcement issued by the Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance System (Sivira) on Thursday shows that, Overall case rate stable The number of acute respiratory infection (ARI, which groups influenza, coronavirus and respiratory syncytial virus together) cases in primary schools rose to 926.6, compared with 923.5 cases registered in the first week of 2024.

Corresponds to this Thursday’s data The week of January 8-14Castilla-La Mancha (incidence rate 1,532.6); Valencia (1,297.6) Cantabria (1,161.2); Asturias (1,147.7); Madrid (827.5) and Gali West Asia (460.4) will meet the requirement of linking two consecutive weeks to the IRA reduction set by the Ministry of Health Lifting mandatory use of masks in health centers Effective from 10 the last presentonly Castilla y León (1,093.9) announced that it would reduce taxes to the recommended level, As the government committee agrees, it insists that it meets this qualification, although the latest Sivira report shows a decrease of only one week: the last week of 2023 reported an incidence rate of 1,246 cases, while in the first week of 2024 it fell to 1,261.8 , the second to 1093.9.

although, andalusia -The current incidence rate is 621.9-; Canary Islands (1,133.9) and Extremadura (817.4), which in the previous report had accumulated the necessary two weeks to be able to reduce mask enforcement to recommended levels, experienced a backlash That will stop it.

New data from the Carlos III Health Institute states that “signs of stability The highest incidence of respiratory tract infections in health centers was among children under 1 year old (3,951.8), followed by groups 1-4 (1,819.5).

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