Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s $63 million real estate empire, with four mortgages and gift mansions for Jaden and Willow

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are on the verge of breaking up for good, but dividing up their massive real estate empire will be much more difficult.

We can reveal the couple shared their home with their children – but THREE of them are saddled with staggering mortgages.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith own several properties, including a stunning $63 million home in Calabasas.1 credit
A look at Will and Jada’s Calabasas home.Credit: Google Maps.

Both Willow and Jaden own their own homes, but they have multi-million dollar mortgages which, luckily for the kids, are in mom and dad’s names.

It is unknown whether Jada, 52, and Will, 55, are currently living together after she admitted this week that they had been separated since 2016 while promoting her autobiography Worthy.

Since they have an extensive real estate portfolio in Los Angeles, there is no reason why they couldn’t live in different houses.

Their most recent acquisition was in March 2021 in the gated community of Hidden Hills, where the Kardashians and Jenners live.

They bought a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home with a pool, gym and game room for $11.3 million. But ten months after purchasing Swish Pad, in January 2022, they refinanced and took out a $7,345,000 mortgage with City National Bank, nicknamed “Bank of the Stars” because it offers incredible loans to high-quality customers at lower interest rates. rates. .

Will and Jada received an excellent rate of 2.39 percent over ten years.

Like most stars, the property is not in their name, but in a trust. Trustees include Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield Norris and Michelle Morton, one of Hollywood’s leading financial experts who negotiates real estate deals for people like Adele.

They already owned a home in Hidden Hills, which they bought for $3.4 million in April 2003 and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

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Lucky Jayden, just 18 at the time, hit the jackpot when it was revealed in 2017 that he had moved into the complex but was causing chaos among locals who said he and his entourage had “free reign” on the property . and treated it as their “personal kingdom.”

It looks like 25-year-old Jayden has even more luck: he is not paying off TWO mortgages on his house because they are both in trusts linked to his parents.

One for $955,000, dated June 2011, and was subject to another mortgage last October for $1,350,000. These are loans totaling $2,305,000 – both from City National Bank.

If one child gets the house, the rest are sure to ask, and three years later, in August 2020, the couple bought a four-bedroom house on a hillside in Malibu for $3.1 million, where daughter Willow, 22, moved in.

But there’s a catch: the $2,170,000 loan was taken out two months after the purchase. And yet, it looks like the Bank of Mom and Pop is paying again.

The deal was negotiated through Morton, Will’s business manager.

In total, the couple took out four mortgages totaling $11,820,000.

The only one worth missing is Will’s first son Trey, 30, from his relationship with Sheri Zampino, whom he split from in 1995.

Judging by social media, Trey is quite happy to continue living in his father’s colossal crib, a sprawling estate in Calabasas.

This is a mortgage-free home because Will and Jada built it themselves.

The Smiths bought several neighboring houses in an upscale Los Angeles suburb and in 2003 began turning them into one huge complex.

The project, spanning 25,000 square feet of living space, took seven years to complete.

The estate has nine bedrooms, a home theater, a swimming pool, an eight-car garage, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, and a sunken trampoline.

They put the house on the market for $42 million in 2013 before ultimately deciding to keep it.

They also own a five-bed, six-bathroom home in Woodlands Hills that they bought for $910,000 in 2010 and has no mortgage.

They have at least two places in Pennsylvania, purchased for less than $1 million each in the nineties, and are rumored to own a luxury lodge in The Colony, an exclusive ski resort enclave of Park City, Utah.

Take a look at Jaden’s home in Hidden Hills.Credit: Google Maps.
Willow Smith’s house in MalibuCredit: Google Maps.

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