Insivumeh expects plenty of clouds and high humidity

Guatemala City, October 31 (AGN). – According to information from the Pacific, due to the approach of Tropical Storm Pilar to the Pacific, large amounts of clouds and humidity will enter the territory of the country National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh).

At dawn, areas of fog or mist appear in different places, such as:

  • northern transverse belt
  • The west
  • east valley

Experts say there will be light to moderate northeasterly winds in the central highlands and eastern valleys.


Locally cloudy weather continues, with showers or drizzle possible in the afternoon or night, mainly concentrated in the south to central areas.

Over Boca Costa and the Pacific, heavy rain is possible by the end of the afternoon, along with electrical activity and cloudiness.

Common disease

Humidity and cold increase during the last months of the year. The most common illnesses at the time included the common cold, influenza, tonsillitis (infection of the tonsils), laryngitis (infection of the throat), acute otitis media, and pneumonia.

Respiratory tract infections vary in severity and can range from mildly uncomfortable to life-threatening.

In view of this, the Ministry of Health will adopt Acute Respiratory Infection Program. This is part of the Personal Care Plans Regulation Authority.


Likewise, it is recommended to take necessary precautions due to rain, such as dressing up and carrying an umbrella.

Likewise, based on the weather forecast, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Coordinator (Conrad) shared some tips:

  • Maintain necessary precautions as lahars may appear in the volcanic chain due to rainfall
  • Take precautions against possible sudden river flooding, large-scale movements or disruption to the country’s road network.
  • Stay informed about expected weather conditions with official information sources
  • Have a 72-hour backpack ready in case of emergencies.

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