Inspired by Medellin, J Balvin sells 750 pairs of Air Jordan sneakers in one day

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Air Jordan two days ago

A spokesman for the brand said that on Saturday, September 23, more than 700 people entered the website in a single day and 750 pairs of tennis shoes were sold, with the last batch sold at 1:34 am.

tennis shoes, also known as Medellin sunsetinspired by the sunset in Medellín, is priced at 1,240,000 Colombian pesos per pair, which is approximately $144 USD.

Not only were Jordans for sale on Saturday, but several academic and recreational events were held, and Balvin was on hand. There are three conversations about the impact of “sneakers” in Colombia and Latin America.

The day after the show, on Sunday, J Balvin attended a private party at Pueblito Paisa in Cerro Nutibara with his family, close friends, Ryan Castro, Eladio Artists such as Eladio Carrión and Keityn accompanied them, with whom they shared rhymes and songs.

“I’m telling the story of my city, Medellín. It’s like we’re going through the most difficult times, and then we turn that energy into a positive one. That’s why I think about sunsets. Sunsets are days that are about to leave, It’s the end of the day. It’s time for a new day. That’s the inspiration and that’s the whole collection, super, super clean,” J Balvin said during a private session in Pueblito Paisa.

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These sneakers are made from the finest soft suede and leather, ensuring not only a superior look but also optimal durability and comfort. They’re beige in color with yellow, orange and purple details “that are reminiscent of Medellín’s famous sunsets,” they detail in the promotion.

“The history of sneakers in Colombia is woven by hand, full of love, hard work and dreams of conquest. Our Og’s (Originals) are responsible for passing on the tradition to a new generation that loves fashion and products. sports shoes“Together we continue to achieve our goals, remembering that not only as a city, but as a country we will always have another day full of opportunities,” the review reads.

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This is the third collaboration between Balvin and Air Jordan. The first is the 2020 Air Jordan 1 Retro x Balvin, which is quite colorful and closely connected to the urban music world.

The second model, launching in 2022, comes in a light blue color that “reminisces the image of clouds and conveys a sense of tranquility.”

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To be precise, Balvin joined Michael Jordan at the new NASCAR Formula One event last week in Bristol, Tennessee. The Paisa reggaeton player, along with the basketball star, is an ambassador for NASCAR team 23XI Racing. The car driven by Tyler Reddick has the J Balvin logo on it, as does the uniform worn by the driver.

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