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Instagram officially launches the ability to add song as background music for carouselsor a sequence of photos and/or videos to be posted on your profile. For the occasion, the platform has chosen an exceptional testimony: the American singer Olivia Rodrigowho released the first ever music carousel to premiere directly on Instagram. new single Bad idea, right?, which was then shown on all other traditional channels. But how does this novelty work?

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The new option is very similar to the one that allows you to add music to a video or story by selecting track for search via internal search engine social So we get a sort of soundtrack for photo and video series, a tool that can also be very useful for creators and influencers. The distribution of the music carousel will occur gradually, and therefore should be expected before the novelty reaches the entire global audience of the platform. Naturally, those browsing the carousel will be able to reuse the built-in music, an idea that once again refers to Instagram’s obsession, TikTok.

Social network Meta introduced other innovations, such as expanding the possibility of posting collaborative post with up to three users instead of the original two. Finally, when the fan will interact with the sticker Your turn published in a video or story by a user with a large number of subscribers, he will be able to highlight it by creating a selection of 10 recommended video reactions.

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