Insurance and Holidays

We associate holidays with sunny days, beaches, rest, patron saint celebrations, mountain excursions and activities of all kinds, as well as travel, especially travel.

We’ve already discussed in this column The importance of having travel insurance. Today we are going to introduce another kind of insurance that we can use.

Sometimes small incidents can spoil our happy holiday. Small, but annoying.

Have good contract insurance and most importantly, Learn about coverage What we can use in these situations is crucial so that everything remains an anecdote for another summer.

We have to take into account that the population of the beach areas we visit has increased ten or twenty times. we’ve crashed health care the professionals in the guild can’t handle it.

let’s find out

Simple otitis media caused by swimming in the sea, minor wounds or minor gastroenteritis without proper medical care can become a problem when vacationing on national territory.Problems we can solve by healthcare policy Get access to the full national medical directory as well as instant phone or video conference healthcare.

Ideal for owners of beach or mountain apartments. Lost keys can be a problem. through our home insurance We will hire an emergency locksmith and come into the house for free.

And a plumber to fill annoying leaks in the sink pipes. Or an electrician. There’s even a “handyman” service to place lights.

With Appliance Breakdown Service, they will send a technician to us. Repairs may be free or less expensive.

We don’t doubt the importance of financial savings, but what’s really difficult in these situations is finding professionals who can help us with the little everyday problems that arise during the holidays. Through our policies, we can obtain fast and economical solutions. Of course we have to understand our insurance coverage.

happy holidays! !

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