“(IN)SUSTAINABLE LAND”, Essity’s sustainability guide presented

It was officially presented a few days ago “(UN)SUSTAINABLE EARTH: the super-modern guide for humans who want to save the planet… or almost!”. Promoted by Essity, in collaboration with Legambiente, was attended by aBetterPlace (leading reality in Italy in the study of human behavior) and of the environmental journalist and geographer Emanuele Bompan. The project, born with the aim of investigating the gap between sustainable intentions and the real behavior of Italians, promotes daily consumption practices more marked by sustainability.

At the presentation event, which was held at the arena of Social Cohesion Days (“Fto’ The right thing” Fiera Milano City) attended by: Massimo MinaudoCEO of Essity Italy; Serene CarpentersDeputy Director General of Legambiente; Claudia BaroniCo-founder A Better Place e Laura DenisCommunication Manager of Essity Italy.

Special guests: Elena Eva Maria GrandiCouncilor for the Environment and Green of the Municipality of Milan who intervened at the end of the presentation and thePaola FrassinettiUndersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Merit who sent his video message in support of the initiative. The guide, the result of a year of work by the Green Board which involved the representatives of Essity and Legambiente together with a commission of sustainability experts in Italy, integrates an unprecedented approach to sustainability, materializing in a fresh and engaging narrative with solid scientific foundations, data and best practices to try to bridge the gap “between saying and doing”.

In fact, when it comes to sustainability, despite the widespread sensitivity on the subject, not everyone is really aware of the correct behaviors to adopt in everyday life to be more sustainable. In 2021 Essity delivered The Green Response Report 2021a study created to investigate consumer habits and, in particular, the effects of the pandemic on their behavior in terms of sustainability. The responses of the Italians revealed how the pandemic has changed lifestyles and increased people’s awareness of being part of an ecosystem that needs to be protected: 70% of those interviewed declared themselves aware that they can influence the environmental situation with their own behaviour. However, a discrepancy has emerged – the result of confusion and lack of clarity – between what the Italians declare and how they actually act.

From the need to help reduce this gap, Essity in collaboration with Legambientecreated the Green Board Essity & Legambiente: a round table that hosted the leading sustainability experts in Italy.

“We have explored the universe of sustainable behavior and ambitions of Italians with the aim of speaking to citizens, consumers and future generations, mobilizing their sensitivity towards concrete change – tells Massimo Minaudo, Chief Executive Officer of Essity ItaliaAt Essity, we strive every day to break down barriers to people’s well-being, while creating sustainable value in the areas of hygiene and health. Our goal for 2050 is to achieve net zero emissions: there is still a long way to go, and in addition to the commitment we renew through our daily actions, we believe it is necessary to promote a debate on the subject, creating synergies with expert and active interlocutors in this field. Together, we are determined to find the best solutions to contribute to a more sustainable and circular society” – Minaudo concludes.

“We are in the midst of an environmental crisis unprecedented in history. We have a very ambitious challenge ahead of us and very little time available to save the planet. How can we make our contribution to environmental protection starting from our daily lives? This project together with Essity and many professionals, including aBetterPlace, aims to offer a new tool and a new point of view on the environmental challenge that focuses on our daily behavior, an amusing reflection on our imperfections and, at the same time, on the great power that we can all have to improve the environment and our quality of life, starting with small gestures.” – comment Serena Carpentieri, Deputy Director General of Legambiente.

From today, “(UN)SUSTAINABLE EARTH: the super-modern guide for humans who want to save the planet… or almost!” will be available online and downloadable for free from the project’s official website (also available in audiobook for greater inclusiveness).

For more information visit: https://insostenibiprd.wpengine.com/

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