Inter Miami Alert: Tata Martino questions Lionel Messi’s next game

Lionel Messi returns to training with Inter Miami after feeling unwell against Inter Miami Ecuador and his absence from the game Bolivia With the Argentina national team.Florida will face this Saturday atlanta unitedthat’s why Gerardo Martino He spoke ahead of Game 28 of MLS, but the appearance of the No. 10 shirt remains a mystery.

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Messi left the field in the final minutes of the game against Ecuador due to physical discomfort. Since then, they began to suspect that the man from Rosario had suffered some kind of injury and while he did not even play a minute in the victory against Bolivia, his physical condition raised a lot of doubts.

After returning to Miami, the former Barcelona player trained normally with his teammates, but his participation in the next game has not yet been determined. “He was not injured.It’s okay, but we won’t take any chances because we still have a lot of important games. We will make a decision after training. “Tata confirmed Messi’s situation. He added: “Due to the large number of games, we will be very careful. The idea is not to hurt Leo or any of the players“.

Tata Martino on Messi

Inter Miami travels to Atlanta United on Saturday

After the qualifiers, Messi’s first game back at Inter Miami will start at 6pm this Saturday. atlanta unitedas a guest, team where Argentina’s Thiago Almada shines.Although Florida beat them 4-0 in the League Cup, this will be a High quality Against playoff opponents.

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Adding three players to Atalanta will be key if Inter Miami wants to continue taking steps towards qualifying for the next stage of Major League Soccer. But Messi will meet a silent enemy there.

Messi and a tough schedule: he will play five games in 14 days

Lionel Messi He flew two hours in a patented A7CGA private jet from La Paz (who was not playing) to accompany the national team in their historic win against Bolivia, to Fort Lauderdale Airport where a van was waiting for him to take him back His home, in America, where he will now go into Inter Miami mode, his team, he has great goals.

Lionel Messi has a demanding schedule with Inter Miami: 5 games in 14 days

  • Saturday 9/16 Atlanta United vs. Inter Miami (MLS)
  • Wednesday, September 20 Inter Miami vs. Toronto (MLS)
  • Saturday, September 24: Orlando City vs. Inter Miami (MLS)
  • Wednesday 27th September Inter Miami vs Dynamo (final U.S. Open Cup)
  • Saturday, September 30: Inter Miami vs New York FC (MLS)

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