International Viral Hepatitis Day Training Day – Tucumán Ministry of Public Health

Siprosa’s medical executive secretary, Dr. Miguel Ferre Contreras, said that activities were carried out this week in different effectors at the initiative of the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz.

During the day, the Hepatology Department of Padilla Hospital, a benchmark in the province and even the region, organized a training session. “All this activity this week is about the prevention, timely treatment and cure of this type of hepatitis,” Ferre said.

The liver quietly performs more than 500 vital functions every day. But viral hepatitis infection is also silent, with symptoms only appearing in the advanced stages of the disease. Although there are several types of hepatitis viruses (A to E), hepatitis B and C are the most worrisome, causing nearly 8,000 new infections every day, most of which go undetected.

In that sense, the official explained, many deaths from hepatitis are preventable. Now that there is an effective vaccine and treatment for hepatitis B, there is even a cure for hepatitis C. “In order to implement treatment, early and timely diagnosis is required, that is, pathological conditions are detected as soon as possible. That is why the Minister of Health ordered free tests of different effectors for the diagnosis of viral hepatitis”, he said.

Infectious Disease Physician Claudia LucenaThe heads of the Ministry of Health’s HIV, STI and Viral Hepatitis Coordination Unit said they were responsible for all the training and activities taking place this week. “We are making progress with some micro-removal strategies. In addition to the weekly hepatitis testing in the health center, we will also have a day of training at the Concepcion Hospital. People who want to know their hepatitis status can go to the polyclinic, Central hospitals and all nursing centers across the province that have testing so that the study can be done,” he explained, noting that it is important to have these tests in place so that care can be obtained in a timely manner if necessary.

It should be noted that the centers that participated and carried out the study on this topic were the Tafi Viejo Polyclinic, Mercedes Serrano in the capital Guinez Gonzalez Garcia, San Rafael, San Ca Yetano, Pedro Solozano, Unit Tafiviejo; Testing available in all levels of care. From Monday to Friday, you can go to the Provincial Coordinating Unit Headquarters located at the Carmen Hospital in the West Wing. No turning beforehand.

Hepatologist at Padilla Hospital, Daniela PerezHe stressed that tomorrow will be a testing campaign among the general public and will be done in the province’s primary care centres. They will arrive in Padilla from 9am, where they will take a quick test and get the results in 20 minutes. In addition, advice and counseling will be provided to all participants. For her part, Dr. Maria Dolores MurgaA doctor in the liver unit said the service provided advice and treatment on a daily basis.

in opportunity, Emma Isabel CoronelThe liver disease specialist at the Viral Hepatitis Coordinating Center at the Ministry of Health underscores the importance of viral hepatitis worldwide because of the many diseases they cause, which is why she is seeking to raise community awareness about preventive hepatitis this week. . measures and early detection.

“The World Health Organization has launched a strategy to eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030, which calls for the activities of every Member. Simplify that coverage,” the professional explained.

Finally, doctor Ana PalazzoDoctors at Padilla Hospital’s liver disease unit said the campaigns focused on advocacy and training for those with decision-making power. “These men of public health have been with us for years, but we want this one to be special,” he concluded.

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