International Women’s Day, the initiatives of Intrecciat3

Arci Como, the Ecoinformation circles, Mirabello, Terra e Libertà and Xanadù, Arcigay, CGIL-CISL-UIL, Como Pride, Hitler’s Slave Studies Center, Women in Black, Non una di Meno Como, Italian School for Foreign Women and UDS have organized, within the network braided3, a series of initiatives for International Women’s Day, in order to affirm, with meetings, debates and political, cultural and social reflections, the strength that women bring in and for the world, the value of the struggle for the rights of all and all on the path towards common and equal horizons.


Thursday 2 March

9 pm – Arci Terra e Libertà, via Ettore Brambilla 3 – Cantù
Women, Peace, Freedom. The strength of women in Iran: a young Iranian woman in dialogue with Maria Theresa Lietti (Women in Black) e Sarah Sostini (Arci Ecoinformation) of liberation, revolution, politics and culture from women to the world.

Monday 6 March

11 am – Monumental Cemetery of Como
Commemorative ceremony of Hitler’s Slave Study Center in memory of workers on strike at the Ticosa and Castagna factories on 6 March 1944.

Tuesday 7 March

10 am
Visit to the city of Como of the Italian school for foreign women

Wednesday 8 March

From 9 to 12 – Aula Magna ITIS Magistri Cumacini
Screening of the film “Marie Curie” and debate on the role of women in science with Michela Prest, professor of Physics at the University of Insubria, organized by CGIL, CISL and UIL in collaboration with other institutes.

From 5.30 pm – Piazza San Fedele, Como
Presence of Women in Black with Under the Same Sky. Above the earth itself
From 6 pm Performance “Vita aOBstabili” of Nonunadimeno Como and Como Pride with the3 percussionist3 SIFarumore, interventions of the participating realities.

From 19.30 – Arci Mirabello, via Tiziano 5, Cantù
PizzArci and presentation at 9.30 pm of the book Sister Resist – 20 stories of resistance and sisterhood in the world of music, from Billie Eilish to Kae Tempest, by Clarice Trombella (Radio Popolare) in the presence of the author, with musical accompaniment by Sara Sol, who will perform some of the songs covered in the book.

Thursday 9 March

From 7.30 pm – Spazio Gloria by Arci Xanadù, in via Varesina 72, Como
Convivial meeting and screening of the documentary film Be My Voice by Nahid Persson on the condition of women in the Iranian theocratic regime, organized by Arci Como with Arci Xanadù, Arci ecoinformazioni and Donne in nero.

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