Intimidation of the West by Putin! “We will show our position.”

Putin sent a video message to the Russian International People’s Council organized under the umbrella of the Russian Orthodox Church. Using significant statements about conservative values ​​and Russia’s place in the world, Putin made harsh statements toward Western countries.

Putin said that Russia is a large and multicultural country, and that his country has an advantage because of the diversity of its cultures, traditions and customs. He said: “We know the threat we face. Today, Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo-Nazism are almost the official ideology of Western ruling elites. This is directed not only to Russians, but to all peoples of Russia. Our diversity and unity across cultures, traditions, languages ​​and ethnic groups simply do not fit into the minds of Western racists and colonialists and their cruel scheme of total disintegration, oppression and exploitation. I would like to emphasize that we consider any foreign intervention or provocation aimed at causing interethnic or religious conflict as acts of aggression against our country, and an attempt to once again use terrorism and extremism as a tool for Russia to fight us. “We will show our stance against this,” he said.

“We were the ones who stood up to those demanding the privilege.”

Noting that the world now wants a multipolar system, Putin said: “We clearly see that the dictatorship of one dominant power is eroding. They are being drawn into chaos and becoming more dangerous to those around them. This is already clear.” “…As the majority of the world’s nations move toward a just global order, they are at the forefront of creating that order.” “As has happened many times in history, it was we, the Russian world, who stood in the way of those who claimed world control and privilege.”
Putin also sent a message to the Russian army, in which he stressed that the Russian army protects Russia by serving in the areas it annexed from Ukraine.

(Signs for translation) Putin

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