Investigation of cases by automatic number 2023, Kuwait Ministry of Justice

Case Investigation by Automated Number is one of the electronic services that the Government of Kuwait has made available to all people on its territory, be they citizens or residents, through which it allows them to easily identify any case registered in their name without the need to travel to the court headquarters or other official authorities, and here we learn the mechanism for investigating cases at the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait.

Requesting cases via automated number in Kuwait

The Ministry of Justice of Kuwait is interested in providing a series of its own services to private individuals so that they can obtain them electronically without having to waste time and effort by going to its headquarters, for this we refer to the method of investigating cases as follows:

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  • Click on the Electronic Services tab located in the center of the main interface.
  • From the services page, choose the judicial investigation service.
  • Go to the requests page and select the search method: “Search by case number”.
  • Click on the automatic case number request.

  • Enter the automatic case number.
  • Note the visual verification number.
  • By clicking on the search icon, the details of the case you want to request information on will be displayed.

Find out about cases by number in Kuwait court

In the context of presenting how to carry out an investigation of any case registered with the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait, it is worth noting that there is more than one other method, including requesting the case number in court, which is carried out in the following steps :

  • Go to the official website Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice.
  • Open e-services from the home page.
  • Determine the judicial investigation service.
  • Choose to search by case number.
  • Click on the court case request number from the horizontal menu.
  • Determine the authority, i.e. the court to which the case has been referred.
  • Choose the case type like; Personal status, bankruptcy, administrative, etc.
  • Determine the year of the case using the Gregorian date.
  • Register the case number in court.
  • Enter the verification code shown on the screen.
  • Click the search icon until the case details appear.

Investigation into implementation provisions in Kuwait

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait also provides the implementation provision information service through its website by completing the following steps:

  • Open the official link Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice.
  • From the main interface, go to e-services.
  • From the list of services displayed, click on the Judicial Investigation window.
  • Select the “execution” search mechanism, then choose the implementation files.
  • Choose the department to which the case belongs.
  • Determine the department that implements the sentence.
  • Enter the date.
  • Write the visual verification number.
  • Click Search.

Here we have presented the most important information about the investigation service for cases in Kuwait, which the Ministry of Justice provides in a simple and electronic way, also touching on some details that may also be of interest to the parties in those cases.

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