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exist iOS 17, an app that fully embodies its identity as an essential productivity tool. The application has received many improvements, but this is undoubtedly one of the ones that has attracted the most attention from users.

Reminders Apps and Siri

One of the favorite features of all users Apple Ecosystem is this native app with Xili. You can ask Siri to add items to your shopping list and it will do so without any problems. Additionally, you can share your shopping list with others, which is very useful, or access your shopping list from a different device; iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Additionally, the Reminders app has recently added the following features: Create a template, This means you can always start with the same list, saving time.

In iOS 17, reminders have new changes specific functionality for creating shopping lists, This feature is available on iPad OS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma.Now the application is able to Automatically categorize your list items, This greatly simplifies the buying experience.

Apple interface reminder

How does the app know it’s a shopping list?

At first, we might think that we need to change the name of the list from “Shopping” to “Shopping List” to activate the feature, but to everyone’s surprise, the app turns out to be smarter than we thought.

Any list you create can be considered a shopping list, which is useful if you have separate lists for different stores and want to automatically sort items. Reminders app allows you to assign list type, Standard or Shopping. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can do this by clicking the three ellipses button in the upper right corner of the list.

By setting the list type to “Shopping”, As you add frequently used items to your shopping list, Reminders automatically categorizes them to help streamline your shopping experience. You can even create new categories if you want them to match the order of your store, or you can rearrange categories manually.Additionally, you can choose column view Vertically group categories.

In the first beta of iOS 17, Shopping categories include: Beverages, fresh produce, meats, frozen foods, wine, beer and spirits, breads and grains, pasta, rice and beans, dairy, eggs and cheese, sauces and condiments, personal care and wellness, and household products. By default, reminders hide categories that don’t contain at least one item. However, you can disable this feature if you wish to view all categories when planning a purchase.

If the application cannot identify which category an item belongs to, it will group it into A category called “Other”. Although you have the option to manually drag items out of this category to sort them into the correct location, or even create your own custom categories.

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