Iran fact-check report says Cristiano Ronaldo could be whipped 99 times for adultery

YoRanian media outlets such as “Rouydad24” and “Sharq Emroz” claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo could face 99 lashes for adultery in Iran, but the country’s embassy in Madrid has stepped in to verify the report and confirmed it is fake news .

The Iranian Embassy in Madrid issued a statement on these wild accusations via its social media, saying they must debunk these baseless accusations, which are disturbing.

Iran may sentence Cristiano Ronaldo to 99 lashes for adultery

“We strongly deny any verdict against any international athlete from Iran,” the statement read. “It is worrying that the publication of such baseless news could give rise to crimes against humanity and crimes against the oppressed Palestinian nation. War crimes cast a shadow.

“It is worth noting that Ronaldo traveled to Iran to participate in an official football match on September 18 and 19 and was warmly welcomed by the Iranian people and authorities. His sincere and humane meeting with Fatemeh Hami was also welcomed by received praise and admiration from both the people and the national sports authorities. “

Cristiano Ronaldo hugs painter Fatmeh Hami

Fake news claimed that the Iranian judiciary handed down the sentence against 38-year-old Portuguese star Al Nasser, who was in a relationship with a man. Georgina RodriguezIn September, he went with the team to Tehran to participate in the AFC Champions League match against Persepolis, and the CR7 team eventually won 2-0.

During that visit to Iran, the footballer gave the painter Fatmehami A signed jersey, a hug and a kiss on her cheek to thank him for sending him two pieces created with her feet.

False reports claim that many Iranian lawyers ronaldo For this behavior, it is said that according to Iranian law, touching an unmarried woman is tantamount to adultery.

Iran may sentence Cristiano Ronaldo to 99 lashes for adultery

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