Irina Shayk Goes Topless On Trip With Ex-Boyfriend Bradley Cooper Amid Tom Brady Romance Rumors

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk and Tom Brady (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)

Rumors of a romance between the Russian models have swirled since the end of July Irina Shayk and quarterback The most winning teams in NFL history, Tom Brady, They spread across all media. Evidence at the time was a photo of the two making out in Brady’s car.Plus, there are photos and reports of the two spending the entire weekend together This relationship will be confirmed.

It didn’t take long for anonymous sources close to the two celebs to confirm that their relationship was more serious than it appeared, as even Tom Brady wanted his child to have a baby with the model . Gisele BundchenThey met their “new stepmother”.

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk were spotted together last July, sparking romance rumors

“After the divorce he always told himself that he would only hang out with people who had a future, people you can introduce your child to. He did think highly of her and the relationship. He has zero concern for her and they seem to understand each other and get on well,” a source told the paper. daily mail.

Brady isn’t the only one excited about their relationship.According to sources people’, “They work on their own schedules and meet whenever they get the chance. Irina didn’t mind traveling to see him.She is very excited about her relationshipalso assured that Brady is “his dream man.”

However, The new photos shared by the model sparked a lot of discussion.

Irina Shayk uploaded several nude photos (Photo: Instagram/Irina Shayk/LB)

This weekend, Irina posted a series of photos in which she poses half-naked on rock formations and what appears to be a lake. The fact that Shayk is naked should not be a cause of conflict, since as an international model she is used to showing off her curves in front of the camera.

However, everything took an unexpected turn when Irina uploaded a photo on her Instagram Story showing her ex-partner, bradley cooperI am with her.

Bradley Cooper poses with Irina for a scandalous photoshoot (Photo: Instagram/Irina Shayk)

In the photo, Cooper sits shirtless on a kayak while covering his eyes. Immediately, the network began speculating that Shayk preferred a known romance to a new romance with Tom Brady.

Cooper wasn’t just another Shayk partner. Irina met the actor in 2015 after her split from Cristiano Ronaldo. Little is known about their relationship since they have been keeping a low profile. In 2017, they had their first and only daughter, sur Seine, although they were never married, their love seemed perfect.However, in 2019 they announced their separation, and a year later, Irina broke the silence on this split British Vogue magazine.

Bradley and Irina began their relationship in 2015, have a daughter, and separated in 2019 (Photo by Jackson Lee/Getty Images)

“Life after Bradley was definitely reflective and I think in all good relationships you bring out the best and the worst, it’s just human nature. Two great people don’t necessarily make a great couple. I think we’ve been very lucky to have been through everything that’s been between us. Life without B is a new world“.

Still in 2022, Settlement rumors start to surfaceWell, aside from having to hang out together because of their mutual daughter, their relationship seems to be a lot stronger than the simple friendship of their vacation photos together.

So far, neither Irina, Tom nor Bradley have spoken about the situation.

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