Irina Shayk reportedly wants to ‘be seen’ visiting Tom Brady in his New York apartment

Last Tuesday, November 7, Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk was photographed by paparazzi entering his apartment in New York. Her appearance sparked speculation and once again became a hot topic of gossip.

There was speculation that she was accidentally caught by the media. However, it was recently revealed that she did want to be photographed entering Brady’s building. Here’s what insiders have to say about it:

Irina Shayk deliberately entered through the front door of the Tom Brady entrance

When paparazzi captured Irina Shayk entering Tom Brady’s New York apartment building last Tuesday (November 7), questions were raised about why she entered through the front door rather than a more hidden entrance. According to a source familiar with the matter, Shayk deliberately chose the prominent front door because “she wanted to be seen by photographers.”

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Sources familiar with the matter told PageSix that Tom Brady’s apartment has a driveway that would provide a more private entrance into the building. Alternatively, Irina can ask the driver to keep her indoors, away from the sight of the paparazzi.

However, Irina Shayk did not do this and chose to enter through the main entrance of the building, from where everyone could see her. According to insiders, she did want to be seen entering Brady’s building, and all the information provided supports that.

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She had multiple ways of getting into Tom Brady’s New York apartment. But why did she choose the most obvious way? These are direct indications that she does want the media to take her picture. Maybe it’s just half a gimmick; who knows?

But interestingly, last month, it was revealed that Tom Brady and Irina Shayk had broken up, and the reasons are still being speculated. Additionally, when asked about her relationship with Tom Brady in an interview with ELLE, she simply said “no comment.”

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So the way she entered Brady’s building after putting the final touches to her love story with the retired NFL quarterback, and the paparazzi could easily capture her, raised a lot of questions. Why do you think she did this?

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