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60,000 people die from stomach problems every year in Pakistan


Speaking at a seminar aimed at raising awareness about gastroenteritis and promoting preventive measures against the disease, a speaker revealed that 60,000 people die from stomach problems in Pakistan every year.

Dr Abdul Khaliq, head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Agriculture, called for ensuring water treatment before irrigating fields, noting that wastewater was contaminating agricultural produce and posing a serious health hazard.

Dr. Syed Aftab Wajid said water shortages due to climate change are forcing farmers to use low-quality wastewater.

Dr. Fahd Rasul presented experimental results on quantifying the transmission pathways of gastroenteritis in Pakistan and developing targeted interventions. Social scientist Maria Khalid highlights the health impacts of wastewater irrigation.

Dr. Irfan Mahmood, Assistant Professor, University of Medical Sciences, Faisalabad, highlighted the symptoms and preventive measures of acute gastroenteritis.

Senior Instructor Dr. Shaukat Ali highlighted the latest trends in water treatment technology.

Published in Express Tribune, October 24th2023.

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