Is bird flu contagious to other mammals?

SENASA (National Produce Health and Quality Service) is currently evaluating a case of: caught the attention of the southeast of the province: A dead deer has been found near Monte Hermoso, suggesting a possible mutation of the bird flu virus that is killing sea lions across the continent.

Against the backdrop of the discovery of dead or dying sea lions off the coast of Argentina, a dead fawn was found on the shore of an area close to the beach on Sos Beach, a few kilometers east of Monte Hermoso.

According to the Tres Arroyense newspaper La Voz del Pueblo, “The animal has been removed from the site, Expected to receive information on whether SENASA personnel took samples for analysis of cause of death“.

The spread of avian influenza to mammals is of deep concern because Although the disease is less contagious to humans, the mutation it affects in mammals may represent an intermediate step in its transmission to humans.

In fact, there is a deer disease derived from this condition called “chronic cachexia”, which was discovered in different parts of the world as early as the 1960s. The virus does have the potential to mutate and eventually affect humansthough it hasn’t drawn much attention from health officials just yet.

Positive cases of the disease have so far been detected in the province of Tierra del Fuego and the South Atlantic Islands in Antarctica, the first positive case of the species; Punta Bermeja Nature Reserve, Rio Negro; in Buenos Aires Necochea in Enos Aires and Punta Loyola in Santa Cruz silver seaBuenos Aires and Puerto Piramides, Chubut, Cleromeco and San Blas, Buenos Aires, San Antonio Este, Rionegro, City Long Bratovic Terme, Buenos Aires, Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz and today’s case.

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