Is it a myth that sea water can heal wounds?we have the answer

bathing in the sea in summer it has a Immediate rejuvenating effect.This is normal after a day at the beach feel good And good sense of’s not just because of you holidayis for him seawater power generation. Many of us sometimes use it to clean our or our children’s noses.Today, in the coolest part national newspaper, chaise longuewe delve into the mysteries of whether seawater can heal wounds, what it can do for us, and what precautions we should take.

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Seawater can heal minor injuries and many other ailments…but is dangerous for open wounds

We’ve already told you that calendula is the best plant for a healing cream, but sea water isn’t far behind.he iodine and minerals Include help heal faster a little scratchesA frictionmultiple mosquito bites, or minor injury. Just take a relaxing bath in the sea and start feeling the relief.

Yes, you have to be careful with deeper wounds anyone severe burnsyou should use it to clean sterile saline solutiongiven that Seawater is not sanitized and contains various microorganism: Bacteria, protozoa, viruses… There are more than 100 kinds of Vibrio floating in the ocean, One in ten of them is pathogenic to humans, let alone those familiar to us Escherichia colithat is, fecal bacteria. Classes of microorganisms that may cause infection.

for this reason It is not recommended to go into the sea with an open wound and deep anyone burns seriously like No one should think of giving birth in the sea, Something I saw on the web a few years ago violated all obstetrical safety conventions.

That being said… for milder people recovery would be fine, like Sea water is very good for the skinand help reduce acne when drying grain. It has other advantages too.

Sea water is good for minor injuries, which heal quickly. Image: Seleznev_photo.

Other benefits of sea water for the body

French researcher Rene Quinton (1867-1925), found in composition of seawater yes very similar to our blood plasma,start using Seawater can cure many, the laboratory Quinton Medical They continue to promote the so-called Thalassotherapywhich is based on seawater excerpt from A floating vortex in the Bay of Biscay.

other brands use other waters, but all of them are cold processed to preserve their properties while being sterilized to avoid problems. They help us do the following things.

Difficulty breathing

we have known for many years Benefits of sea water to ease rhinitis, sinusitis and any Respiratory diseases. Fortunately, there are already countless pressurized seawater companies on the market working in comfort. Spray form with ergonomic nozzle Fits both adult’s nose and baby’s small nose. Avoid corticosteroid sprays and start taking care of yourself with sea water.

reduce constipation

Is sea water drinkable?he common sense tell us No: Since it contains a lot of salt, when it is ingested, the water in our cells will eventually be excreted to balance the salt, and we are dehydrated.

but the point is sea ​​water is drinkableand some conditions.It can’t be from the ocean, but it must be from the ocean filtered and SterilizedThat is commercialized We mentioned it before.and should be dilutedexist sweet water anyone juice freshly squeezed, to scale 1 to 3 or even 1 to 4.very suitable for him constipateand very full of nutrition, Given Seawater contains all the elements on the periodic table, necessary for our body.i drank this Rafael Nadal in the game!

Relieves Mouth Infections

dentists often recommend rinse with water and salt for Reduce gum inflammation. Imagine how this benefit could be increased by adding all the elements on the periodic table with a simple (treated) seawater mouthwash.will keep yours healthy gumsthis hole in the bayrelief the pain sensitive teeth, disinfectand speed up tooth extraction healing and oral disease as gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Nature again earns bonus points.Now that you know that sea water heals minor injuries and has many other benefits, now is a good time if you meet a few requirements start consuming it.

Can you start by substituting seawater for regular table salt to season your recipe?you can even boiled in sea water: reserve solution Suitable as an immediate won’t believe Trace elements you will get for your body.

Does this surprise you about sea water? Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: swimming pool water. In short, don’t try to heal your wounds with pool water, and you’ll understand why when you know what they really contain:

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