Is LeBron James afraid of Isaiah Stewart?Leaked audio provides new evidence

Los Angeles Lakers Super star LeBron James and detroit pistons big man Isaiah Stewart On Wednesday, Little Caesars Arena continued their complaints from November 2021.Allegedly leaked audio now shows, four times NBA Champions can be a little afraid of raging bulls.

James, 38, was allegedly recorded telling the referee that Stewart had a “problem.” The clip contains subtitles, so take it with a grain of salt as it’s not exactly clear what the Lakers star is talking about.

LeBron James imitates Stephen Curry’s iconic warm-up shot

Stewart, 22, appeared to elbow James in the neck, and his condition bothered him throughout the game. LeBron even received a technical foul for one of the turnovers.

James never backed down, but trying to get officials involved would make him look like he might be scared, which is nothing shameful considering Stewart’s reaction last year.

How did the feud between LeBron and Stewart start?

During a game last season, James accidentally elbowed Stewart, causing his eyebrow to bleed, leading to a crazy scene.

Stewart had to be held back by several people as he charged at James, and both players were ejected.

This time, James finally got the better of Stewart and the Pistons, defeating them 133-107.

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