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A casket of incomparable beauty. This is what awaits those who visit this magical place. An absolutely unmissable panorama with lake view, let’s find out together.

Villa Balbianello –

With its inexhaustible list of places characterized by the beauty of the surrounding nature, by sites of great historical and architectural interest, Italy is also in the heart of famous directors from all over the world. Like the place we are talking about today, which you will surely have recognized in famous film productions. Can you tell where we are?

A panorama with a lake view, that’s where it’s at

Lake Como is a place that certainly needs no introduction. Full of breathtaking views, villas and elegant gardens, it exerts a particular charm whatever season you choose to visit.

Villa Babaniello –

A wonderful view of this renowned body of water also offers it Villa Balbaniello, a real institution among the prestigious places of this area.

A historic building located in Lenno, on the western shore of Lake Como, in the area known as Tremezzina.

Villa Balbianello, a romantic residence

Ancient historic residence built in 1787 where a Franciscan monastery previously stood, by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini, it is a splendid structure characterized by a majestic terraced garden which gives rise to long avenues.

Here you can admire plants and flowers of all sorts. Its structure is equally particular because it is made up of the Villa itself, a library, the Shipping Museum and finally the splendid Loggia Durini, from which to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Villa del Balbianello seen from above –

The ownership of the villa has passed through the years from hand to hand, up to those of Count Monzino who was its main restorer. We owe him the beauty and richness of the Villa. Currently, after the Count’s death, Villa del Balbianello has become part of the FAI heritage.

The Loggia Durini, where you can admire the panorama overlooking the lake

This loggia owes its name to the cardinal of the same name who wanted to build it immediately above the house, which is without a shadow of a doubt the most evocative place of the entire property.

It is an arched structure and decorated with plantings of ‘ficus repens‘. An inlaid rose is visible on the floor.

From here you can enjoy a very special view: both a complete view of the lake and of the Tremezzina area.

A place that has also enchanted the cinema

Considering the incredible beauty, it is not surprising that Villa del Balbianello has been chosen as a film set for illustrious productions to say the least.

Loggia Durini, the view of the lake –

A keen eye will surely recognize her in the film “Casino Royale”, the first to see the actor Daniel Craig in the role of the famous detective James Bond. The Villa is the backdrop for the love scenes between Bond and the beautiful Eva Green, here in the role of Bond Girl Vesper Lynd.

Lovers of the immortal Star Wars saga will recognize the architectural complex in the fictional city of Naboo. In “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, it is the scene of the meetings that will lead to the birth of the great love between the young Anakin Skywalker and the beautiful Padmè Amidala.

Visit the Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello is certainly among the most visited Fai assets in the whole peninsula. In 2023 it can be visited from 11 March until 7 January 2024.

In this season, visiting hours are every day except Mondays and Wednesdays that are not holidays, from 10:00 to 18:00. From November the hours are reduced from 10:00 to 17:00, while in December the Villa can only be visited on certain days, communicated on the official website.

The visit is free for Fai members, Bienfaiteurs Amis du Louvre members and Tremezzina residents. For all the others, different ticket formulas are available based on the type of visit chosen, whether only to the garden park or also to the Villa.

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