Is Michael B. Jordan playing Hercules in the Disney remake?

Jasmine Valentine

Disney and its live-action movie adaptations seem unstoppable, but will Michael B. Jordan play Hercules in a Disney remake?

Whether it’s “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “The Jungle Book” or “Cinderella,” Disney is a fan of adding live-action adaptations of iconic films to its repertoire.

In addition to this, the studio has also extended its remake bias to Disney+, introducing fans to TV shows like Percy Jackson and Goosebumps.

As we enter 2024, all eyes are on the remake of the 1997 animated film Hercules, but will Michael B. Jordan star in the title role? Here’s what we know.

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Is Michael B. Jordan playing Hercules in the Disney remake?

No, Michael B. Jordan won’t be playing Hercules in the Disney remake. The news comes from a fake poster created by the Facebook page Movie Maestro, claiming that the film will be adapted into a live-action version this year.

Facebook post pretending to be a remake of HerculesFacebook: Master of Film

The fake poster’s caption reads: “Disney has cast #Black Panther and #Creed star Michael B. Jordan to play #Hercules in the upcoming live-action film.”

However, Michael B. Jordan has yet to be involved in any related projects, and no film adaptation has been announced this year. That being said, it was revealed back in 2020 that Hercules would be one of the next Disney films to get the live-action treatment – although no further details have been revealed.

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According to Daniel Richtman (via The DisInsider), the latest update on the film doesn’t involve who will star, but who will leave. Director Guy Ritchie was originally set to be involved in the film, but has now dropped out of the Hercules remake, with reports saying he was “too busy” to take part.

“I’d love to see him in any role,” one Facebook user commented, while another added, “Can’t wait! Love this character. Love the mythology! Yeah yeah yeah!!!”

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“I can’t wait, I love his personality and acting and he’s so good and smooth,” a third user replied.

While Michael B. Jordan’s involvement in the Hercules remake is still just a fan rumor at this point, the news didn’t go down well on Reddit.

“I don’t think Michael B. Jordan is the heck,” one user mused. “He just doesn’t fit. You need to be built more like a young rock or a Schwarzenegger. Jordan isn’t scrawny by any means, but he’s not built like a brick shack either. Maybe for the role of Reacher Kind of guy.”

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“He’s 36, too. Disney Hercules is late to early twenties. most”, another person interjected.

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