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The relationship between Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet is one that is clearly far from the spotlight. Aside from a few photos of Jenner’s car near the actor’s home or a glimpse of the two of them at a garden party, we haven’t seen much else. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find out whether this story will continue or not, but for a few days rumors of a crisis between them haunt, on the contrary, there is talk of a real gap. According to some tabloids, the couple would understand that there is no future and decided, of course, to put an end to it. Apparently, they would be put off by work obligations and distance.

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However, according to others, the translator would have to make such a decision call me yours title, leaving the entrepreneur completely stunned who, on the other hand, was well disposed towards this presence, the first quite serious one since the (final?) farewell to Travis Scott. However, so far these are just rumors and nothing more. Really, in the opinion of other American media such as TMZ, nothing would be true and indeed, everything would proceed quite rapidly. Unfortunately, the lack of official confirmation does not help us understand much more, although we continue to hope that sooner or later we will see them together in public if they continue to be a couple.

The first rumors about this couple began to circulate around April of this year. Comments from people close to both said that everything was quite casual and not at all serious, since Kylie Jenner prefers to focus on her children and family. But how are things now, four months later? Let’s see what happens in the future.

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