Is Tristan still living with Khloe Kardashian? Fans think so

Is Tristan still living with Khloe Kardashian? The news first broke during the season three finale of The Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with fans speculating that he won’t quit.

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  • Social media users believe that Tristan Thompson is still living with Khloe Kardashian to try to win her back.
  • Tristan Thompson’s home situation was revealed in the series’ third season finale. Kardashian.

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Ever since the debauchery of Tristan “Three Trimesters” Thompson was brought to the front street, the player has never earned the presumption of innocence from the general public. Not only did he cheat on Khloe Kardashian multiple times, but he did it while she was pregnant. He also settled on a lower level by cheating on family friend Jordyn Woods, with whom he initiated contact. However, Khloe has forgiven the NBA player for his wrongdoings and continues to remain cordial with him for the sake of the children, although people have suspicions that the couple is likely together.

However, when social media users learned that Tristan was temporarily living with Khloe during the series’ third season finale. Kardashian, people were not shocked. Many people believe that the Good American founder had her moments when she despised him, but she always had romantic feelings for him. So the fact that the couple is living together is not such a surprise.

However, is the ballerina still living with Chloe? This is the million dollar question.

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Is Tristan still living with Khloe Kardashian?

We’re not too sure, but if we had to guess, the homebody is still living with Khloe. To begin with, the couple now has two children: 5-year-old True and 1-year-old Tatum. And since the couple raised their children together after the separation, it is assumed that the children spent time separately with both parents.

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So, now that Tristan is living in Khloe’s house, it may have made parenting easier for the couple. However, it’s easy to see why the couple is still thought to be getting along.

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Not to mention, Tristan has made this painfully obvious in episodes of the series. Kardashian that he still has feelings for Chloe. And while he knew he royally screwed up—and I mean royally—he hopes the couple can one day rekindle their romantic flame. So, one of the best ways to keep those wheels in motion is to stay close to your lover. And because Chloe gave him a chance after his first offense, the man may believe that he can woo her and get another chance.

Why did Tristan Thompson move in with Khloe Kardashian?

It appears the NBA player moved in with Khloe due to problems with his primary residence. If we remember the finale of the third season of the series KardashianKhloe explained that Tristan’s California residence was no longer habitable due to the bad weather in California at the time.

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“Tristan’s roof collapsed on his house and caused a flood,” Khloe said in a confessional. “So Tristan and (his little brother) Amari are staying at my house now until his house is repaired.”

Interestingly, Tristan’s house is undergoing renovations, which were carried out when he lived in the house, but as soon as the damage occurred, he packed his bags.

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Khloe also shared that she has been there for Tristan through some tough times, including the loss of his late mother Andrea. Not to mention, Andrea was the guardian of Amiri, Tristan’s disabled younger brother. And since family is important to her, being around her was not difficult for Tristan.

“God has a plan, and God doesn’t want him to be alone right now. And why should he be like this? Chloe said in this episode. “I just think that’s what family does. When the shit hits the fan, all you have is your family, and Tristan and I are family. We’re going to be a family for the rest of our lives.”

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