Isaiah Movies: Beetlejuice is a Halloween Season Must-See

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October always represents a significant shift towards the dynamics of film studies with elements of horror and the supernatural. One such film showcases a combination of horror, comedy, suspense and whimsical imagery to set it apart from the standard formula. I’ve always had great respect for director Tim Burton’s vision.

An important characteristic of a visionary is a creative style that is his own and necessarily makes him recognizable. Burton’s unique cinematic style is what makes him and his films memorable and special with his own combination of visual effects, costume design, color schemes and overall tone that are completely original and are his signature.

In 1988, my favorite childhood movie was released, spawning a short-lived animated series, video games, and a Broadway musical. The surprise success of Beetlejuice, starring Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton, Catherine O’Hara and Winona Ryder, cemented its place in cinema history with fantastic acting, quirky and strange humor and influential set pieces that further immersed the eerie atmosphere. . unpredictability. The story revolves around a married couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland, the new homeowners of a country house, who die in an accident.

Through humorous revelations, they realize that they have passed away and entered a strange realm of the afterlife. If my memory serves me correctly, this may be one of the first films that I can remember that focused, in an entertaining way, on the concept of what happens to the soul in the afterlife. While navigating the weirdness of the afterlife, Adam and Barbara encounter an eccentric, eccentric, funny and energetic “bio-exorcist” named Beetlejuice, who offers his expertise in haunting the occupants of their home, which they recently moved out of.

Burton’s unique visuals utilize stop-motion animation elements, artistic sets and clever special effects that pay homage to the classic film forms of the 1940s and 1950s. Memories of reciting lines with friends and re-watching Beetlejuice made it an enjoyable childhood experience that I will cherish forever.

As the film progresses, the ghosts attract the attention of new residents who begin to question the circumstances. Ryder portrays the gothic teenage daughter of the recent new homeowners. She experiences the ability to communicate with the deceased characters of Adam and Barbara, sharing her encounters with Beetlejuice.

The performances from this classic are the definition of actors and actresses demonstrating obvious chemistry with each other while embracing the absurdity of the original concept. Keaton’s energetic charisma as the “bio-exorcist” Beetlejuice is a performance by today’s standards that can primarily be seen as a sinister portrayal of a vengeful spirit desperate to wreak havoc on unsuspecting residents. However, he has the ability to be completely humorous, charming, and over-the-top, to the point of becoming a harmless and lovable creature. Every scene Burton created has gone down in cinematic and popular culture history. This film has a special magic and charm.

As I mentioned, Burton’s directorial vision and writing skills set him apart from other directors, as it became impossible to categorize him into one specific genre. He has taken up various forms of entertainment, so classification would be an insult to his talent. The success of Beetlejuice spawned a short-lived animated series that I watched religiously and of which I own the entire series. The continuation is expected in 2024, which, admittedly, I’m not sure about. Beetlejuice is one of those stories that doesn’t need a sequel. Its unique presentation makes it unforgettable. However, if anyone can bring this concept to life, it’s Burton.

Beetlejuice features the most outstanding quirky imagery, exciting and hilarious performances, and rousing dialogue, so that no matter what, the film never fails to feel dated. Even by 2023 standards, the film still holds up with surprising ease.

Flashback Cinema at Beacon Theaters will screen Beetlejuice on October 22 and 25, continuing the October Halloween theme. This is a classic 10/10 treat from start to finish and comes highly recommended.

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