Isn’t he the best in history?Here’s what Ray Allen said when comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Ray Allen is one of the historic players to share the court with LeBron James as both an opponent and a teammate. In addition, he has repeatedly confronted Michael Jordan and talked about the comparison between the two athletes as to who deserves the title of “GOAT.”

The shooting guard, long regarded as the best shooter of all time until Stephen Curry broke out in 2015, took one side of the debate, highlighting the strengths of James and Jordan but opting for the “old school” approach he comes from. .

Jordan vs. Lyndon Johnson

The former Boston Celtics sided with Jordan, saying Jordan had few weaknesses in his game, which was one of the reasons he chose Jordan over “King James.” “Playing against him and MJ, it was MJ all day for me… LeBron is probably one of the best passers the league has ever seen. MJ, that’s probably the weakest part of his game. .But at the same time, Jordan didn’t have any other weaknesses,” Allen said.

While James has the advantage in his ability to create plays for his teammates while Jordan does very little, the two-time NBA champion emphasized that the Chicago Bulls’ ’23 makes up for it with the other aspects he toasts in a On a small board.

There is no doubt that opinions and standards on this topic are very diverse, and more and more players are talking about who they think is the best player of all time.

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