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In his press conference, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari claimed that Hamas used Al-Shifa Hospital as a shield for terrorist infrastructure, and said: “Hamas carries out attacks from hospitals.”

“When medical institutions are used for terrorist purposes, they are forced to lose protection from attacks in accordance with international law,” Hajjari said.

Call “Go South”

The army spokesman continued as follows:

“For more than two weeks, the Israeli army has been calling on civilians in the north and center of Gaza City to temporarily move to the south of Wadi Gaza for their safety.”

He played the audio recording

Hajary also played an audio recording of a phone conversation that he claimed was evidence that Hamas was using fuel in hospital stockpiles for its own purposes.

“We raise a red flag to the world”

Hajari responded to a question in which he stated that the hospitals that had previously warned Israel to evacuate did not accept this:

“We are waving a red flag to the world,” he added. “This is a red flag against the use of hospitals as terrorist infrastructure, in contravention of international law, and the use of Gazans as human shields.”

When asked how to ensure safety of life if Israeli prisoners were held there during IDF attacks on hospitals and northern Gaza, Hagari responded that Israel’s goals in Gaza were to “defeat Hamas and return the hostages home.”

Netanyahu: Turns hospitals into headquarters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said in his post on the X website that “Hamas is equal to ISIS and that both of these structures are “sick.”

“They are turning hospitals into headquarters for their terrorism. “We have published the intelligence that proves this,” he said, adding a video clip to his message.

The video, which was filmed using a computer, included images claiming that Hamas had turned hospitals into headquarters.

Statement from Hamas

Hamas said: “We reject Israel’s claims regarding Al-Shifa Hospital and call on the United Nations and Arab and Islamic countries to intervene urgently to stop the attacks.”

Hundreds killed in an attack on the hospital

Hundreds of people were killed and hundreds injured in the attack on Al-Ahli Hospital. While Israel claims that a failed missile fired by Hamas hit the hospital, the Palestinian organization denies this claim. (aa)

release date: 17:54, 27 October 2023

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