Israel targets 6 hospitals in Gaza in one day – latest world news

In its attacks on Gaza since October 7, the Israeli army continues to target the wounded and sick, as well as hospitals where thousands of displaced Palestinians take refuge.

During the past 24 hours, there have been violent attacks on Al-Shifa Hospital, Indonesia Hospital, Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital, Al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital, Al-Awda Children’s Hospital, Al-Quds Hospital or their surrounding areas.

Six people were killed in intense attacks carried out by Israeli forces in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest health facility in the besieged Gaza Strip, where thousands of wounded and displaced civilians took refuge.

As a result of the bombing of the medical clinic building on the campus of Al-Shifa Hospital, many Palestinians were killed, including women and children.

The Israeli army, which continues its ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip, also bombed the vicinity of Al Awda Hospital and the Indonesian hospitals.

Israeli warplanes also “directly” targeted Al-Rantisi Specialized Hospital for Children in the Gaza Strip.

While Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital, which was targeted in Gaza, was out of service, a child died due to lack of oxygen.

Israeli occupation forces opened fire on the intensive care unit at Al-Quds Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, the Tel Haifa area near Al-Quds Hospital was subjected to heavy bombardment.

Finally, late in the evening, “violent” attacks were again carried out around Indonesia’s hospitals and hospitals.

Al-Shifa Hospital and its surroundings were bombed several times by the Israeli army, claiming that it was a “headquarters for armed Palestinian groups.”

Since the attacks began on October 7, Gaza’s hospitals housing thousands of wounded and civilians have been targeted multiple times, rendering 18 of the 35 hospitals in the area inoperable.

Hamas: The American administration is responsible for targeting civilians in Al-Shifa Hospital

Hamas issued a written statement after Israel targeted Al-Shifa Hospital several times since yesterday.

The statement said: “We hold the American administration and President Biden responsible for this heinous crime committed against the medical staff, patients, wounded, and displaced people in Al-Shifa Hospital and its surroundings.” Expressions were used.

The Hamas statement called on “the United Nations and the Arab and Islamic countries to intervene immediately to stop this brutal attack and bear political and legal responsibility to protect hospitals and civilians, which are considered safe areas according to international law.” “

The statement indicated that simply condemning Israel and its Nazi policy encourages it to commit crimes, and that the resulting historical responsibility will fall on those who failed to protect children and defenseless civilians in Gaza.

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