Israel Vallarta to remain in pretrial detention; judge denies changing precautions

Vallarta, Israelaccused in the montage of being the leader of the Los Zodiaco kidnapping gang, He will remain in preventive detention without sentencing after judge refuses to change precautionary measures at a hearing on Aug. 9.

The Third Federal District Court for Criminal Procedure of the State of Mexico Denies changing preventive measures from preventive detention to Israel’s VallartaThe hearing is presided over by the presiding judge’s clerk.

Although he has spent 17 years and five months in pretrial detention without sentence, the secretary denied offering him the option of continuing the trial, according to lawyers for Sainz and Vallarta.

They blame hearing irregularities that landed Israel Vallarta in jail

Judicial decision to place Israel Vallarta in preventive detention and refuse to change precautions was made at hearing, Mary Sainz says Irregularities.

First, because the trial judge’s secretary did not give the defense time to submit a preventive measures report, thus proving that there was no procedural risk.

“The judge limited himself to affirming that the extension of the trial was due to the exercise of defence, and did not assess whether other precautionary measures were appropriate and proportionate to ensure that the entire process did not pose a risk to victims.”

This hearing is the judge’s decision to grant a temporary suspension Vallarta, Israel His precautions were reviewed a few days ago, and while his defense is waiting for more time to make a decision, it was finally decided to keep him behind bars after a 10-hour meeting.

Statement on Preventive Prison in Vallarta, Israel
Statement on the situation in Vallarta, Israel.Photo: screenshot

Vallarta’s wife accused that while they resolved the moratorium, the criminal court violated human rights and due process in doing so, first because the secretary was acting as a judge.

“I have a public complaint against FGR’s Femdo obstruction of justiceSainz said.

According to what took place at the hearing, the Attorney General of the Republic, like the courts, violated the rights of Israel Waratah by not respecting the principle of the presumption of innocence, because although this was a hearing to review preventive measures, its focus was on the its criminal responsibility.

They accused the authorities of ignoring the Inter-American Court’s decision in the Israel Vallarta case

For the above reasons, the defense Vallarta, Israel The judicial clerk and FGR are charged with ignoring the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR Court) on the irregularity of informal preventive detention, its specificity, periodic review, and official documents.

It is worth remembering that the Inter-American Court in its judgment against Mexico The case of Daniel Garcia and Reyes AlpizaCalls for preventive detention not to be turned into a prospective sentence, and the seriousness of the crime not to be the defining criterion to justify it.

“The decision clearly Elements that are politically motivated and constitute international responsibility for the state of Mexico.

The decision to deny changes in precautionary measures against Israel Vallarta was approved by the First Criminal Court of the State of Mexico.

The Case of Israel Vallarta and Florence Cassez

December 8, 2005 Frenchman Florence Cases and Mexican Israel Vallarta arrested This was discovered during an operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFI) at the ranch.

The agency, then headed by Genaro García Luna, accused the couple of being part of a kidnapping ring known as Los Zodiaco.

The news came the next morning, when AFI recreated the arrest on camera on the country’s leading news programme.

After many years, this Install Is one of the elements considered by the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN) Cassez’s release year 2013; However, Vallarta did not take these same factors into account, and she even claimed to be a victim of torture.

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