Issstecali invites you to follow the recommendations to prevent allergic diseases caused by temperature changes | News from Mexico

Mexicali, British Columbia – The Baja California State Workers and Municipal Security and Social Services Institute (ISSSTECALI) invites members to follow recommendations for preventing allergic diseases caused by temperature changes.

Commented Angélica Pon Méndez, Deputy Director of the Medical Area at ISSSTECALI Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to invading substances called allergens. Causes symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to life-threatening problems.

He said as moderate to strong wind gusts are likely to occur in the state, allergies may occur among the population, the most common being rhinitis (nose), conjunctivitis (eyes), sinusitis (paranasal sinuses), asthma and bronchitis .Allergy (generally genetic factors).

The main symptoms are runny nose, red and watery eyes, itching of the nose, eyes and roof of the mouth; sneezing, nasal congestion, pressure in the nose and cheekbones, ear plugs, dark circles, and itchy skin; However, everyone is sensitive to different allergens The reactions are different and therefore the symptoms are also different.

Some tips to avoid allergies are: don’t expose yourself to sudden weather changes, remove fabric curtains, feather pillows, upholstered furniture and stuffed animals, replace carpets with tile flooring, clean floors and surfaces frequently with a mop or damp cloth, Vacuum fabric furniture and floors regularly, wash all bedding weekly in hot water, and don’t use a mattress protector.

Finally, Pon Méndez invites eligible people to visit a specialist so that they can receive appropriate treatment if they suffer from any type of allergy.

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