it all started during Covid”

Run 50 years Is it really trauma, do you think? For many womenIndeed, reaching this age often represents a moment of profound change, from menopause to the decision to take care of oneself more responsibly, between wrinkles and gray hair. However, if you decide to take your life into your own hands and not give up, 50 years can be “wonderful”.

Here is what 52-year-old Annamaria Kalebich claims. Mother and an influencer who discovered how to change the life of a middle-aged woman. Here’s how.

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“How I got younger”

It all started during quarantine when I was in a panic and started advertising. train me with weights in the garden. When I became more confident and stronger, I went to the gym and really started to move on,” said 52-year-old Annamaria Kalebich. In the meantime, I began to feel like myself again, albeit a little lighter, and began to develop my sense of style. I feel better now than when I was twenty“.

The woman is the mother of two little girls and today feels her life has changed when she is mistaken for her teenage daughter’s sister instead of her mother. In videos on tik takThe 52-year-old shares her beauty secrets and hair tricks. workout physical Thanks to this, he achieved certain successes in his social world.

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