‘It allows me to live longer’: A touching confession from a former Barcelona figure on what it’s like to see Messi at a high level at 36

The former footballer praised the Argentinian national team captain during the Spanish show El Chiringuito

At the age of 36, Lionel Messi He continues to show that he has a path to continue on the football field, performing at his best level and equally hungry for glory.Rosario is listed 25 contestants were nominated for the Best Award Winning awards from FIFA and receiving rave reviews from coaches and colleagues around the world.In Spain, during the show beach barA former Barcelona glory player was full of praise for him and fell at his feet.

“Messi, you know, hasn’t handed over the crown yet. There’s one guy who’s desperate enough to throw it away: Kylian Mbappe. Only two people let me hold the alarm clock and stand. One of them is Michael Jordan, and if he scores 50 or 60 points, I’m not interested because he’s so good,” he began in his monologue. Francisco Wolf Carrasco. Then, amid his stream of flattering adjectives, it was time to find out who the second person was to keep him up at night.

“I have yet to meet anyone I fall in love with more because of their stunning aesthetic. Nights are my time because I’m looking for beauty, excellence and, in a cocktail of football art, Leo Messi continues to deliver. At dawn, but he keeps giving. “It doesn’t let me sleep, but it keeps me alive longer.”“The 64-year-old former player said with tears in his eyes in front of his teammates.

In response to such praise, other members of the group joked: Carrasco, which they thought was a bit exaggerated.he Wolf He continued to praise the world champion and enjoy his moment. “Let’s keep talking about Leo Messi. In The Best, all the haters are there… How nice. But how can it not be nice? It’s still there!”he gave a gloating shout as Qatar World Cup hit “Boys” played in the background.

Lobo Carrasco surrenders to Messi: "He has not surrendered the crown."
Carrasco surrenders to Messi: “He has not handed over the crown”

Carrascohe played for the team for 11 seasons FC Barcelona Yes companion Diego Maradonahas been one of the staunchest defenders Messi and use the space you have in the show you host Josep Pedrerol Highlighting why he is the best football player on the planet.

Win all the battles and part the oceans. When they face Mexico, when everyone is pressuring them that they won’t win again, they will happily say “the fifth World Cup, they won’t win either”. When he opened the ocean with his left foot against Mexico, he lit up the sky, my sky, the sky of all of us who love football, especially Leo Messi. It wasn’t Dib, or any great man, who supported him. He opened up the ocean and illuminated the sky. From there, we watched Lionel Messi’s World Cup.This is what people who have played it will tell you. Diego Armando Maradona. I never thought I’d say this: The two Maradonas are. “How nice,” he said. Wolf In February 2023, after Messi won the championship the best.

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