‘It paid off’ – Struggling Bubba Wallace becomes Michael Jordan’s only hope as beloved superstar fades away in Texas

This season may have been a transformative one for Bubba Wallace, but one lucky player, Michael Jordan, has been in trouble as of late. The No. 23 player withdrew at the end of the regular season to confirm his playoff spot and had to struggle to reach the top 12. However, on Saturday at Texas, Wallace made a big statement that could be the turning point of his season.

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Bubba Wallace has made a lot of good plays in the Cup Series this season, but so far he hasn’t had one this good. Texas presents Michael Jordan’s driver with a unique opportunity that he will look to take full advantage of.

Bubba Wallace looking to make his mark in Texas


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Entering the first round of the 12-game tournament at Texas, Bubba Wallace wasn’t considered the favorite to win the game. Given his recent performances, it was thought that a top-10 finish would be a good result. However, during qualifying on Saturday I was shocked on the grid.

Despite recent difficulties with his car, Bubba Wallace set the fastest lap and put his car on pole position in the first race of Round 12. It’s a big moment for the 23XI Racing driver, who is fighting for the playoffs. first.

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‚ÄúPole winner in Texas. Big day. Worked really hard in the first practice and felt good. Was under-driving so I needed to go over the speed limit in qualifying and it paid off. Thanks All the support and hard work from the team,” he said after the meeting.

It was a much-needed break for Bubba Wallace, who was getting beaten by his teammates week after week. Tyler Reddick has been in great form since the playoffs began. He finished second at Darlington and won at Kansas, making him the team’s best hope for an unlikely Cup championship.

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However, Bubba Wallace has made his mark and will start the first game of the Big 12 Tournament on Sunday in the lead, hoping to match the performance of his teammates.

Although the No. 23 driver’s car achieved pole position, Reddick’s life was not so good. The latter’s car was only fast enough to move him up to 15th place, but the Kansas race winner believed he had what it took to reach the top eight.


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Tyler Reddick said the key to ensuring a spot in the next round of the playoffs is smooth days and consistent results, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s about having smooth days and somewhat consistent endings,” He said. “I think if we can stay in the top 15 in every game in the next round, regardless of the win, I think we’ll be in good shape going into the quarterfinals. Obviously it’s a little bit tricky.”


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Reddick has fond memories of Texas, where he won the race last year with Richard Childress Racing. His win at Kansas State a few weeks ago will boost his confidence, and if all goes according to plan, Redick has a good chance of defending the Texas title.

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