‘It sounded so stupid to me’: new ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ main cast member was dead, sure Will Smith’s show wouldn’t be a mega-hit

Will Smith’s life was turned upside down after the release of his 1990 NBC sitcom. The Prince of Bel-Air. Although the show’s cast and crew found it difficult to predict whether the project would leave a lasting legacy, Smith’s sitcom effectively became a launching pad for actors.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Years later, thinking about how The Prince of Bel-Air rewatching the ’90s sitcom, Caryn Parsons, who played Hilary Banks, revealed how she initially had doubts about the show. Admitting that she wasn’t convinced by the sitcom idea, Parsons explained what changed her mind.

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Karin Parsons had doubts about Will Smith’s 1990 sitcom

Although Will Smith’s sitcom on NBC Prince of Bel-Air turning into a launching pad for the series’ cast, the 1990 series was initially judged for its potential. Although the series created its own legacy and even inspired a grittier reboot. Bel AirActress Caryn Parsons initially thought the sitcom was stupid.

Karin Parsons
Karin Parsons thought The Prince of Bel-Air it was a stupid sitcom

During an interview with IndependentThe actress, who plays the role of Hilary Banks, an elegant, spoiled rich girl, admitted that she had great doubts about the series. Karin Parsons noted that she was not convinced by the premise Prince of Bel-Air and therefore judged the show too quickly.

It sounded so stupid to me – like a rapper from a TV show? It hasn’t happened yet and I laughed about it.

Karin Parsons
Parsons was too quick to judge The Prince of Bel-Airpotential

Explaining what influenced her opinion of the series, Caryn Parsons admitted that when her acting coach asked her about the project, she shrugged it off and laughed it off, calling the project “stupid sitcom” Ultimately, when Parsons was cast as Hilary Banks and joined the series, she realized the project had more potential than she had imagined.

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Will Smith The Prince of Bel-Air Created a lasting legacy

Will Smith’s 1990 sitcom. Prince of Bel-Air was loosely based on the life of writer Benny Medina. The show tells the story of the wealthy Banks family, whose lives are turned upside down when their Philadelphia relative, street smart Will, arrives at their Bel Air mansion.

The Prince of Bel-Air
The Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

In the series, Will Smith played the charming and charming cousin of the Banks children, who brought brightness and liveliness to their tough country club routine. The six-season comical and heartwarming series, created by Andy and Susan Borowitz, became a cult TV show that eventually inspired a reboot of the series in 2022. Bel Air.

Will Smith
Will Smith as Will The Prince of Bel-Air

While Will Smith Prince of Bel-Air it really was lightning in a bottle show, it wasn’t all laughs and comedy. Even the comic show got tense at times. But overall, the sitcom maintained the right balance and presented a heartfelt storyline. By entertaining audiences despite criticism and doubt, the 1990 sitcom certainly created its own legacy.

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