“It takes someone who can evaluate songs!”

Mogol, guest of the Giffoni Film Festival, explains his point of view on Sanremo, Amadeus and reveal some details about the death of Mango.

I intellectual right? Neither right nor left. People who say and do sensible things have my approval. On the contrary, those who say abstruse things or worse to speculate absolutely not. No matter the political color. If you take an intelligent person, he will say intelligent things whatever his party. If she takes a mediocre it will remain so.It is the person who expresses, not the party.”

These are the words reported by theAnsa. The artist then attacks Sanremo and indirectly too Amadeus.

In my opinion, the most important thing about Sanremo should be competence, that is, one who knows how to evaluate the songs. That’s advice.”

Then a sweet memory of Mango.

Mango is a worldwide artist. If you listen to his songs you realize that he is unique. Only he was always in Lagonegro with his family and no one ever contacted him.

I need to tell you something else. In the afternoon of the day he died I made a journey. It was sunny, but I saw rainbows anyway. In the evening I knew he was dead.”

The memory of Mogol also linked to the song The Rainbow, written with Gianni Bella and interpreted by Adriano Celentano dedicated to the friend Lucio Battisti. Sanremo Mogol Amadeus

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