It will take time to dispel suspicions about Tarazona faucet

Life in Tarazona is full of worries gastroenteritis outbreak Detected, but assume this is the case without making a fuss. Although authorities have identified water as a transport element, the source of the problem is uncertain. blessed protozoa, theories spread equally happily among street groups. No one knew how long this episode would last, but what was clear to everyone was that it would take much longer for suspicion of what was coming out of the tap to dissipate.

It’s time to get used to it 8 Juan Antonio holds a new bottle. | Angel de Castro

More than 260 cases emerged in just a few days, enough to find someone affected or someone “who knows someone” on every corner, although it’s not in good taste for anyone to talk about having a bad tummy things. Even so, bottled water and isotonic drinks are still piled high on the conveyor belts at several supermarkets in town. At Central Del Rio Bakery, Paola confirmed that the line every morning was filled with comments about the pandemic. «Today, many customers add bottled water and we sell more“, recognized. Although she drank tap water, she avoided the parasites and she had given up this healthy habit. «My sister did get gastroenteritis, but that was before the holidays and now we only drink bottled and Even brush your teeth I use it,” he said.

Parasite Overcome 8 Natividad and Elena comment on their life these days. | Angel de Castro

On the street, Milagros and Laura discuss the latest developments in the case and express their suspicions. “No one understands him. We drink filtered tap water and don’t notice anything,” the first person pointed out, with a second adding: “We’ve been drinking bottled water at home since the pandemic, my son Got it too, although the symptoms were mild.” Not sure which card to keep would trigger The theory behind animal death and contact with waterwhich is not this, but a food that is a host for parasites…

Preparing new distribution items 8 Javier and Yolanda load more bottles to distribute to those in need. | Angel de Castro

At the La Fonda B&B, Assan explained that the disruption was minimal as they did not offer kitchen service as they only served breakfast and the only change to the routine was Refill the coffee pot with mineral water And high temperature cleaning.

Juan Antonio holds an umbrella as he walks along the newly renovated sidewalk of San Francisco Square to protect himself from the rain. He faced the next few days with a five-liter bottle but no idea when he would be able to turn on the tap without any doubts. “Right now, it doesn’t affect me,” he shared.

The opposite is true for friends Elena and Natividad, 74 and 88 years old respectively, who suffered a serious blow from the protozoa a few days ago. “I had vomiting, diarrhea… I couldn’t leave the house and that’s still going on for a while to this day.” Elena admitted. “I had it bad, too, and they gave me anxiety,” her friend described, admitting she didn’t want to go to the doctor and dealt with the frustration with serums and diet. Recognizing their own experiences since the pandemic, they shared their menus for overcoming the virus, as well as advice from health authorities. In a conversation next to Quayles Bank, they weaved in different events over the years about the virus and the food security crisis, while they were happy that they looked great despite everything. The nearby La Terraza bar has not been particularly affected by the epidemic: “Customers are not asking us for water,” The manager commented sarcastically, further preventing the pot from being washed after previously boiling the water.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross, working with the city council, continues to distribute water to those in need. Already 16 families have benefited, and with the last delivery, nearly 500 liters of water have been distributed.

At the entrance of a supermarket, Marissa pushed a cart full and waited for the rain to stop. Two jugs of water appeared inside. «My husband has contracted it and is at home. My daughter, who works in a clinic, called me running one day and warned me not to use tap water for anything. We drink water from the tap because, besides, “That was very good, but now look, with a bottle”.

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