Italian Epoch in Maggiore: Cairoli, Pourcel, Brown and Dubach at full throttle with two-stroke engines (VIDEO) – Motocross

Four motocross legends put on a show on their historic bikes this weekend in Maggiore. An event that excited many fans

September 11, 2023

questionthis weekend in Maggiora Park, the last of six stages took place Italian Epoch 2023. In fact, after the summer break, the riders challenged each other on the jumps at the Piedmont circuit.

Although this time it was a special occasion: motocross legends, including ours, will take part in the competition Antonio Cairoli, Mike Brown, Christophe Pourcel and Doug Dubach.

THAT Among the main characters of the championship, four drivers competed, although points were awarded in a separate category ( Evo Elite). And this despite the legends they entertained the audience with persistent brawls and a lot of gas.

WITHChristophe Pourcelon his two-stroke Kawasaki 250, he won the first raceand in the second race Tony Cairoli he took his KTM 360 to the top step of the podium, also winning the overall classification. Two third places for Mike Brown on a Yamaha 250 and instead two fourth places for Doug Dubachriding the first version of the 4-stroke Yamaha 400.

Images: Instagram Antonio Cairoli Chris Pourcel

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