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ABD’li Müslümanlardan Biden ‘Magpie’ final: Ateşkes yoksa oy da yok

“Ateshkis Ultimatomo”

NMDC’s nin yayımladığı “2023 Ateşkes Ültimatomu” başlıklı açık mektupta, Biden’a hitaben “Yönetiminizin koşulsuz desteği, sağladığı kapsamlı financesman ve Askeri teçhizat, sivil kayıpla Please note that you should also consider the size you want below the sections if you want to know the truth.

The Democratic Party said in its final speech that “8 years of arrests and deliberate killing of Palestinians and civilian residents in Kabul were carried out” by “Beyaz Saray” which resorted to all these measures in this regard. Keep in mind that you will be happy to hear more about it What is happening in this season gücüne ve sorumluluğuna sahipsiniz” denildi.

NMDC will focus on the following issues: Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for the Democratic Party.


ABD’nin in Muslim Muslim country has become a Muslim American-Islam leader (CAIR) leader Basim Elkarra da Muslim leader Biden ‘in 2024’ will be available in the country. urgu yaptı. CAIR Minnesota State Director Jelani Hussein was appointed in 2020 as Biden’s 70-year-old president of the American Islamic Council.

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