Its ingestion can cause irritation and gastroenteritis

Last Wednesday, October 18, police in the city of Pozuelo de Alarcon seized a batch of false chanterelles (Lactarius zonarius) that are dangerous to health. They were sold fraudulently at a fruit shop in Governor’s Squarelocated in Zhenzhan District.

Police took action around noon after several members of the Pozuelo Mycological Society filed a complaint warning of misleading marketing of the product: It lacks a corresponding label.

Municipal police went to stores to verify that the mushrooms were being sold without any controls and looked similar to real chanterelles.Apart fromthe box smelled bad, looked bad, and there were flies on the food.

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On the same day as the intervention, agents began freezing the merchandise, later destroying it, and drafted a report of suspected food sales fraud.

On Monday morning, several people went to a Pakistani family-run shop, Pozuelo City Council Consumer Technician They have been informed of the sanctions they face, according to city government sources.

Image of the true chanterelle or Lactarius Deliciosus EM

False chanterelles can easily be confused with true chanterelles. Their vision makes them very similar to the delicious chanterelles, hence the name false chanterelles.

The most obvious difference is The latex released when shedding is not orange; The same as edible, but the color is white and remains unchanged after contact with air and does not turn yellow.

The so-called false chanterelle is not an edible species as it is a fungus that is unpleasant tasting and difficult to digest. In fact, ingesting it can cause gastrointestinal problems and intestinal irritation. It will disappear in a few days.

Autumn marks the beginning of the chanterelle season, with prices reaching up to 15 euros per kilogram.

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