It’s not a dryer, takes up no space and costs 11 euros

The cold has spread to all the houses. We have put out our duvet and our favorite comforter. The house is filled with warm decorations, while the temperature outside continues to drop. The sun’s rays are less intense and the days are shorter.All this allows us to discover ourselves One of the most frequently asked questions this time of year: Drying clothes costs a lot of money.

Tips for hanging clothes so they don’t smell musty

This time of year you may have had to move the clothesline from the balcony to the living room. You might even have some clothes hanging on the chair because they haven’t dried yet. But that’s not all.There is a very unappetizing feeling that I have to Wear cold clothes. Crawling out from under a duvet or blanket is already torture, but even more so when we have to put on pants and sweaters that are as cold as porcelain floors.Against this background, we are very surprised Leroy Merlin’s solution.

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