“It’s not her where they locked her up”

Crazy up there Britney Spears. According to fans, the pop star will not be free, but locked up residential psychiatric facility against his will. A conspiracy thesis that is circulating on social media. According to Corriere della Sera even marriage just over a year ago to an Iranian-born personal trainer Sam Ashgariwill be “one staging produced sinceartificial intelligence“. Even Britney’s husband was called a “scammer” by fans, a scam. “Why are there so many beautiful photos of her and Spears, the images are mostly blurry? Because celebrities of all stripes, from Madonna to Paris Hilton, went to the wedding, and not the children that the bride had from her first marriage to Jason Alexander? And one more thing: after the years spent by Britney in a house where she was imprisoned, as in a prison, why get married right there, in that same prison? It’s not that the ex-husband, who even burst into the ceremony on the wedding day with a knife, went to interrupt the production and save, however, the exhausted ex-pop star – the suspect.

TikTok account @BritneyIsNotFree controlled Anita Datta23 years old who was even interviewed New York Magazine who, in a lengthy investigation, is trying to “take Britney Spears’ ‘disappearance’ theories seriously. Dutta “even points out ‘very clear’ signs that in the images of the wedding, the singer has been replaced with an AI-generated deepfake image. artificial. Britney’s hands intertwined with those of the groom will be crooked and blurry, as is often the case with people drawn by AI. Just a conspiracy theory?

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