“It’s reassuring. It’s clear it works.”

The flu and coronavirus vaccination campaign starts this Monday in nursing homes. Isabel Ajenjo was the first person to suffer two punctures in the community of Actur, Antonio Saura. “I’ve been vaccinated every year since we started. You have to do it, whether you’re more or less willing to do it,” He made the announcement minutes before receiving both shots. This woman was infected with coronavirus not long ago while living at home: “I went through this without knowing it. Then they gave me the vaccine and I didn’t feel anything. It was like I hadn’t been vaccinated, but I There are already four or five.”

A professional team from the Actur Norte Health Center has traveled there, with two student nurses from St George’s University administering the injections. “We have 40 residents and all 40 residents will be vaccinated against flu and COVID-19,” Antonio Mayor, director of the agency’s center, said he recognizes that among workers some will do so and others decide not to. He noted that, regardless, those who will be vaccinated have already said they want both vaccines.

“We are delighted to be the first to receive the vaccine as it is reassuring, Because vaccines work. In this sense, he recalled, they had a “very quiet” year, with only two infected people, a worker and an old man, who only had “a slight fever”.

This is a far cry from what they experienced in November 2020, when the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred at the residence. “He was late to us but he was very strong. The second time is in 2021 and it went very smoothly. There is no longer any need to admit anyone, no more need for any death. From that point on, it was all single cases,” he explained, as residents moved one by one through areas able to receive doses.

In addition to launching a flu and coronavirus awareness campaign in residences this Tuesday, Immunization of infants against up to six respiratory syncytial viruses has begunThe first dose of the vaccine may have been given to newborns in hospital this Sunday.alsofamilies with children aged 24 to 59 months can make an appointment, Receive your flu dose through the Salud Informa app. In this case it will be an intra-anal spray consisting of two.

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