‘It’s unbelievable that they didn’t discover it’

Five days after losing her mother, Ana Maria opened her phone and retrieved a photo of herself and her two beloved granddaughters. The cleaner, from the University of Granada, found the image and her mother’s disturbing search history: “Why do I bleed after my period?, “Why does the uterus become hard?”“Why do I bleed after having an ovarian cyst removed”… This was the content of the question posed on Google by the late Ana María López Bosch, who was driven to utter despair by her symptoms. cancer It took 14 months for him to be diagnosed because there was no CT scan.

“It was so sad to watch him googling answers to his symptoms: My mom must have been in terrible shape to seek out information. Because I don’t know anything about social networks,” concludes Ana Maria sadly, overwhelmed by her feelings after gossip about her mother’s phone. “I kept her phone when she died, I opened it Looking for a photo I had taken of her with my daughters, I entered the search engine out of curiosity because my mother used to watch soap operas on her phone: “I just wanted to know what series she watched and I noticed she was helpless as she investigated the source of her discomfort.”

poor Ana María López Bosch looks for answers in “The Oracle” Go online after 20 visits to emergency services From his health center in Ataf to the Virgen de Las Nieves hospital in Granada, no doctor clarified the origin of his clinical condition: abdominal and vaginal pain and bleeding in his urine. In fact, her first visit to primary care was on June 2, 2022, but it was not until August 28, 2023, that her CT scan revealed that she had lost 15 kilograms due to metastatic cervical cancer.

Ana María López Bosch was admitted to the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada days before she died of cancer.

Ana María López Bosch was admitted to the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada days before she died of cancer.


The medical care my mother received was absolute nonsense.“This is the conclusion Anna Maria and her three brothers – David, Ismael and Ivan – came to after reviewing the entire clinical history of the cleaner who was diagnosed with a tumour. He died just eleven days later. “In the end, 20 trips to the emergency room: we didn’t expect that many. “Initially, the deceased’s child had evidence of 12 visits, but after receiving documents from the primary care department they found that this number was not enough: Ana María López Bosch who had visited Atarfe ) health center twelve times and the Virgen de las Nieves hospital eight times.

“The only thing this does is make us feel even more helpless about our mother’s untimely death: I was only 53 years old”, Ana María discovered that the search history on her mother’s phone revealed that she was living in pain – without answers as her health deteriorated.

Twenty emergency room visits were recorded with corresponding dates., in the entire property claim, lawyer Joaquín Perales has officially filed a lawsuit with the Andalusian Health Service.Writing is quantified as €250,928 to cover physical and mental suffering patient up to fourteen months due to diagnostic errors and lost opportunities, and The damage done to his four children.

La España agreed, saying there were other oversights on the part of Ana Maria that prevented her cervical cancer from being diagnosed early.It is worth giving an example Lawyer Joaquín Perales has repeatedly denounced this: “No additional testing was performed.” All this despite the fact that the poor housekeeper went to the emergency room complaining of “uncomfortable urination with blood,” “stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding,” “burning sensation.”n Vagina, like a lit lighter”, “Vulvovaginal discomfort”…

One of the searches that still appears in the Google history of the late Anna Maria's phone.

One of the searches that still appears in the Google history of the late Anna Maria’s phone.


It didn’t matter what Ana Maria said in the emergency room because they never did a CT scan.So again and again, neighbors in the town of Ataf, Granada Came home with a different diagnosis: “musculoskeletal pain”,”Pelvic pain”,”Urinary tract infection”, “urinary leakage”, “vgastritis not specifiedYoFika…Anna Maria was so desperate that she started Googling her symptoms. “It’s unbelievable that they didn’t detect her cancer,” cried the deceased’s daughter. “This could have happened forty years ago, but how could it happen in 2023 when technology is so advanced? In the medical reports we collected, it was clear there was blood in his urine from the beginning.”

– Why did the family decide to initiate this administrative procedure against the Andalusian Health Service?

– Anna Maria: because nyou They deprive us of more time with our mothers. Although she would eventually die of cancer, if it had been caught earlier they would have treated her and her children would have been with her, but we spent the worst eleven days of our lives in the hospital. She couldn’t even fulfill her last wishes, like going to the beach with her four children or eating lemon ice cream.

In fact, the beloved grandmother of five grandchildren passed away on September 13, after being admitted to the Virgen de Las Nieves Hospital on the 2nd of the same month. “I have never seen a sadder expression in my life than when my mother was in the hospital.“. Ana María went straight to palliative care, which attorney Joaquín Perales insists was “due to a lost opportunity.”The diagnosis was delayed by fourteen months”.

Ministry of Health refuses to assess claims brought by children of deceased: “The Andalusian Health Authority does not take positions on judicial matters or matters of this nature.. “He is fully at the mercy of his family and the administration of justice and deeply regrets this fatal outcome.”. But Ana Maria believes the apology and condolences came too late: “I complained to the hospital that my mother died more than a year after coming to the emergency room, but they still haven’t gotten back to me. “I also met with the director of the Ataf Health Center who did not conduct any investigation after the medical negligence was committed.”

According to the work of lawyer Joaquín Perales, there is a lot to clarify, as Ana María visits Atenció for the eighth time in a rown The primary school said they only sent her to the pharmacy: “Again, there’s alsoI On May 12, 2023, he went to the emergency department of his health center due to general discomfort. inside The report states:symptom Associated with the lower urinary tract for five months (…). Supplementary diagnostic tests are not performed, nor are they prescribed, No referral to specialistsand the specifically prescribed treatments are pharmacological: Nolotil and Denvar”.

Joaquín Perales, lawyer specializing in traffic issues.

Joaquín Perales, lawyer specializing in traffic issues.

The lawyer also attacked the treatment of patients at Virgen de Las Nieves Hospital: “Shockingly, in ultrasoundYoarrive Intravaginal examination on July 22, 2022, will report the presence of fibroids, Posterior facial type III, and facial performed nearly one year laterandYes, there will be no relevant reports until June 15, 2023. ” Fibroids are a A benign tumor that forms in the muscle wall of the uterus, but even that was not enough reason for her to undergo a CT scan.

They also did not perform a CT scan after the polyps were detected, and after the new polyps were removed, Ana Maria began to feel pain and even started to bleed. The tumor is attached to the lining of the uterus.On August 3, 2023, he came oncearriveYes Go to the emergency services of Virgen de la Nieves Hospital due to abdominal pain, and Refers from polymersYoarrive Symptoms of fixed and generalized abdominal pain, starting from the lower abdomen and radiating to the surrounding areas. Get an abdominal X-ray: ‘Mbow COrici Filled with copious amounts of feces”.and no reportsarriveYes In the image, no other diagnostic tests were performed eitherstationary Replenish”.

Ana Maria was sent home again. He took a bus and drove 40 minutes to Ataf, where his health continued to deteriorate. On August 6, he returned to the Virgen de las Nieves emergency room with abdominal pain, nausea, daily vomiting, and blood in his urine.. She also did not undergo a computed axial tomography (CAT) scan. On August 10, he returned to the emergency room with abdominal inflammation and fever…it wasn’t until August 28, when he was dragged in, that a CT scan was performed on him. all previous symptoms and Blood clots in the genitals.

Ana María died in September at the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada, a few days after her death.

Ana María died in September at the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada, a few days after her death.


Lawyer Joaquín Perales emphasized this in his claim: “The radiology department was first contacted since June 2022, after 20 visits to the emergency room. Highly suspected gynecological tumors (especially cervical cancer), agree to give priority to CT examination“This test was a prelude to numerous nonsense sessions with this woman as they sent her home again.”The patient was discharged the same day rather than hospitalizing herYoarrive On September 1, we persisted despite the fact that the Andalusian Health Service provided the results of a CT scan, which concluded that cervical cancer was present with bone metastases. ”

Actually, DYoarrive 2. Ana María returns to Virgen de las Nieves emergency room for treatment pain, vOmission…. Until then: The mother of four was hospitalized, finally learning that her discomfort in recent months stemmed from a tumor that had nearly consumed her. “We understand all this The responsibility of the Andalusian health services is based on violation art law As the property claim document concluded, “due to errors in the initial diagnosis, lack of assistance and delays in diagnosis.”

– Why do you think Ana Maria lost her chance?

-Joaquin Perales: In this case, there was a documented delay in diagnosis of fourteen months. From June 2, 2022 to August 28, 2023, Ana MarAsia IOpez Bosch is cominganyone Up to twenty visits to the emergency services of their health center and hospital with similar clinical manifestations: abdominal pain, vaginal pain, urinary bleeding… Despite repeated clinical manifestations and ultrasonographic findings, until August 28 A CT scan was performed the next day. At this time, the cancer had completely spread and metastasized, resulting in the patient’s death on September 13..

SymptomatologyYoarrive of carrivecervical cancer, consistent with what Ms. López Bosch presented: blood in the urine, abdominal pain, and difficulty or pain during urination. Considering the symptoms reported by the patient on 20 consecutive emergency room visits, if the CT scan had not been performed 14 months after the first emergency room visit, but had been notified in advance, the cancer patient could have received appropriate treatment and avoided an unfortunate outcome. dEbemos Remember, the survival rate of carriveNCER’s orTero is 91%, when diagnostic stageanyone Early.

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