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Ivan Lalinde He is one of the most important presenters of Colombian television and, therefore, one of the most popular presenters of the program “Día a Día” on “Caracol Televisión”.

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Antio Quinn Reporter Has participated in many domestic dramas Examples include “La voz Kids,” “El Desayuno,” and a variation of “Telethon,” a campaign that raises money to help disabled children.

in the last days, Viewers noticed the absence of journalists for different shows “Día a Día”, some netizens speculated whether this was the reason for Paisa’s resignation on the morning show.

However, Iván Lalinde recently decided to open a question box on his Instagram story to answer questions. The first question they asked him was: “If you could make everything better, would you do it?” He answered “obviously” via video and nodded.

Another question he received was: “Why are they making fun of Jhovanoty so much? They ignore any comments he makes”, to which the host responded: “It’s not true, on the contrary, I think we pay too much for him Watch out for Jhovanoty” and, moreover, he flagged related characters.

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In view of this, The broadcaster and comedian responded in his story And the following message: “Hahaha, is that person asking to be ignored? I’m very happy in Día a Día, my companions are all bacanes. Super in my style! He replied to the previous post.

Netizens also When asked about actress Janes Waldmann, Curious if Ralinde will do something with her again because they need to see them together as she usually encourages and entertains them.

“I also really need to work with her because we’re very coordinated, very in sync, and we manage a really cool harmony,” the host admitted.

Why hasn’t Ivan Lalinde returned to “Día a Día” yet?

During questioning, followers of Ivan Ralind wondered why he was not on the last broadcast of the show, which He coughed and replied: “I’ve had bronchitis this week and it seems to have caught me too, the coronavirus.”

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He confirmed that for this reason, he did not leave the house to take care of his health, adding that he did not like to speak or show his face when he was unwell.

“I’m staying at home, I’m fine. That’s why I’ve been away from my phone, I’m concentrating on reading, watching movies, disconnecting a little bit”.

tell that This week was like “‘Bren’ dry”, but consider that these moments are also necessary to clear your mind.He then thanked those who asked him about it, confirming that He will return to the show next week.

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