“I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas movie”

In a new interview, Chris Evans talked about his latest projects and explained why he didn’t hesitate to take on the role in Red One.

Chris Evans on Red One: 'I've always wanted to make a Christmas movie'

Chris Evans together with Dwayne Johnson will become the main character of the film “Christmas”. Red One and the actor said that he always wanted to do a project with a festive atmosphere.
In a long interview with the magazine GQthe star actually spoke about her next projects.

How an actor chose roles

Ghost 2

Ghost: Chris Evans pictured

On the pages of the magazine, Chris Evans talked about the films he has made in recent years, starting with Spooks, which turned out to be something of a failure. The actor admitted: “To me, it felt like a movie similar to the ones I watched as a kid, a movie that maybe we don’t see often anymore. And the question is, have audiences moved away from such films and no longer appreciate them?“.

Evans later admitted that he had no doubt that he would agree to participate in the film “Pain Hustlers,” in which he starred with Emily Blunt. The former Captain America translator also praised project director David Yates, saying: “He is truly a wonderful person. And the role was really interesting. I really wanted to play this role because it was a real character.“.

It’s even easier to finally accept Red: “I was just looking for a Christmas movie to make since the beginning of my career.“.

Red One: 5 things we know about the Christmas movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans

Film details

Red One is a Christmas action movie produced by Amazon Prime Video and will feature Dwayne Johnson as the lead character alongside Chris Evans. Also starring as Santa Claus is J.K. Simmons.
Directed by Jake Kasdan from a script by Chris Morgan, the cast also includes Bonnie Hunt, Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Kristofer Hivju, Nick Kroll, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Wesley Kimmel.

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