Jack Grealish is the new David Beckham of English football. GQ Italy

Some players in the world of football shine beyond the field as well. They are symbols that epitomize style, personality and glamour. One such player is Jack Grealish, the talented attacking midfielder of England, who is fast emerging as the new face of English football.

British football lacks a reference figure like David Beckham: if it is true that Frank Lampard and David Gerrard as well as undisputed champions like Rooney have worn the shirt of the English national team in the last 20 years, no one in pop culture has managed to become a transversal character like Spice Boy. In addition to always being an outstanding player, from Ferguson’s leadership of Manchester United to his experience with the Real Madrid Galacticos, Beckham has also managed to establish himself as a cover man: from his marriage to pop star Victoria Adams, through advertising campaigns and finally the decision to play in Los Angeles (near Hollywood) at the age of only 31.

Jack Grealish

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Jack Grealish, with the right proportion, seems capable of making the same moves both on and off the court. He made himself known to a more mainstream audience during the 2021 European Championships: Grealish came off an outstanding season with Aston Villa and the ride that took England to the final, then lost against Italy, was his first and only real big stage. The medium-length haircut arranged along the band and the cross thrown by the band towards their teammates created a resemblance to David Beckham in everyone’s mind. His undeniable prowess on the pitch, along with his good looks and marketability, quickly saw him emerge as the face of English football.

jack vs david

Jack Grealish and David Beckham

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