Jalen Brunson’s podcast reveals the truth behind ‘Delaware’s Michael Jordan’

In recent years, New York Knicks fans have found reasons to cheer loudly. It’s all thanks to Jalen Brunson single-handedly getting them into the playoffs and leading them through the toughest storms. Now, Brunson is enjoying a pretty college-like environment in New York as he solidifies his status as the team’s leader. The switch came after the acquisition of Josh Hart created an ideal locker room for Donte DiVincenzo.

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The three have similar roots, dating back to the days of the Villanova Wildcats. Now, as the three stars show off their camaraderie on screen for the YT Podcast, Donte recalls the brutal induction he faced as the team’s coach and the title he was given.

Delaware’s Jordan initially teases DiVincenzo


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Donte has tasted success at every level of the game. He was a high school champion, NCAA champion, and had an NBA ring. So when Josh and Jalen Brunson discussed the lessons he learned from winning, DiVincenzo couldn’t help but talk about the start of his college career.Go to his immediately “Michael Jordan from Delaware” Donte revealed that the nickname was coined due to his overconfidence and not as a compliment.

When Donte transitioned from high school to college basketball, he admitted he was the standout player on his team. However, an encounter with Waranova coach Jay Wright changed that opinion. Although his confidence took a hit, Donte soon regained the once-diminished glory of his nickname as he helped the Wildcats win multiple NCAA championships.

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Donte DiVincenzo played high school for Salesianum, leading the team to two consecutive state championships. In college, he played a vital role in securing the 2016 and 2018 national championships while being named the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player. After moving to the NBA, Donte won a championship ring with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021.


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Stephen Curry suggests pairing DiVincenzo with Jalen Brunson

Donte comes to the Knicks after a stint with the Golden State Warriors. Despite his short tenure, Donte developed a close bond with Stephen Curry. So when several teams sought his services this offseason, DiVincenzo turned to Steph for advice.

At the time, Donte was considering offers from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Knicks. He quickly FaceTimed Curry as he weighed his options.


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The Knicks will reunite him with his college teammates and are looking for a bold player, marking an exciting opportunity. Although DiVincenzo was already leaning toward New York, Steph’s advice solidified his decision.

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