James Cameron will not make a film about the Titan tragedy: director’s comment

James Cameron is not going to make a film or even a TV series about the Titan tragedy, the exploded submarine OceanGate.

After the tragedy Titanium, James Cameron he was overcome by persistent rumors, but he chose to deny it himself through a comment on social networks. There were rumors that the famous director Titanic he intended make a movie about what happened to TitanThe OceanGate submarine exploded a few weeks ago. The intention was to admire the wreck of the Titanic up close, but the five passengers aboard the submarine never made it to their destination. Through tedious research, it was discovered that Titan had suffered a catastrophic explosion, killing all passengers on board. But now James Cameron is commenting on the rumors, which he called “offensive.”

James Cameron has no plans to make a Titan movie

James Cameron’s name is often associated with Titanic, given that he directed the film of the same name in 1997. Leonardo DiCaprio AND Kate Winslet (the film that launched their careers). After what happened with the submarine, persistent rumors claimed that the director was interested in making a film about the tragedy, but James Cameron issued a denial in a short and succinct tweet:

I usually don’t react to offensive rumors in the media, but now I have to. I am not in talks for an OceanGate movie and never will be.

Linking James Cameron’s name to a production of this nature seemed too easy, given the enormous work done in the past on Titanic and the countless visits (33 in total) to the wreck site. But it seems that this is where the connections end, because the director is not going to make a film about the tragedy of Titan. After the incident, Cameron commented on the death of five passengers into microphones ABC News:

I am struck by the similarities with the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about the presence of ice in front of the ship, but still headed towards a block of ice at full speed on a moonless night, causing the death of many people. It is a similar tragedy where warnings are ignored in the same place and location while diving occurs all over the world. I think it’s amazing, it’s really very surreal.

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