James Wan commented on rumors about the possible appearance of Batman

Director James Wan answered questions regarding Batman’s possible appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: James Wan comments on rumors about the possible appearance of Batman

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomaccording to some rumors, they were supposed to have gods cameo From Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.
Director James Wan in an interview Entertainment Weeklyhas now addressed those rumors by explaining the difficulties he faced during the film’s production.

Director’s commentary

James Wan explained: “The challenge at the beginning was that we didn’t know if Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would come out before or after The Flash. So we just had to be ready. Ultimately, the best thing about this film is that it has no connection to any other feature film. That is the question“.
The director then added in response to a specific question about Batman’s possible involvement in the story, stating: “Right now it’s “no comment”… We’ll have to wait for the films to come out.“.

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A year ago Hollywood Reporter stated that Michael Keaton filmed a scene for the film’s sequel with Jason Momoa, but it was replaced by Ben Affleck’s version of Batman.
Test audiences were actually confused by the appearance of Keaton, whose return is explained in The Flash.
However, there is currently no confirmation regarding the characters involved in the story.

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