Jane Fonda remembers being hurt by Jennifer Lopez on the set of Monster Mother In Law | Cinema

In 2005 Jane Fonda shared screen with Jennifer Lopez in romantic comedy That mother-in-law monster.

And just recently, a guest at the The Drew Barrymore Showthe actress recalled an “handsome” event that took place on the set of the comedy which also directly involves Lopez:

The thing that immediately comes to mind is a slapping scene that we did. I slap her, she slap me. … Well Jennifer, she had this huge diamond ring. And so, when she slapped me one of several times, she cut my eye, my eyebrow. You know, she never apologized.

Jennifer Lopez herself alluded to the same fact years ago, pointing out, however, that she apologized for hurting her colleague.

Below is the synopsis of the film:

After years of searching for the ideal man, Charlotte finally meets Kevin but discovers that his mother Viola is an insufferable woman. Viola, a recently fired TV news anchor, fears losing her son and is determined to terrorize her new girlfriend by turning into her worst mother-in-law. While Ruby, Viola’s assistant for many years, does her best to help the woman implement her crazy plans, Charlotte decides to go on the counterattack.

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